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What is your refund policy?

At Mitsogo, we want to make sure you have a great experience every time you sign up for our services. If you are not happy with our service, please let us know and we will try our best to solve your issues. In case you are still not satisfied, we will help you get your subscription canceled and have any eligible refunds processed quickly and easily.

Monthly subscriptions

If you decide to end your subscription during the first month, we will have your plan canceled and your full amount refunded. For subsequent months, we won’t be able to offer refunds, however, if you had meant to cancel and had just been charged, let us know right away and we will gladly refund the extra charges.


Your monthly subscriptions are set to be auto-renewed for your convenience, however, we will let you know beforehand – we will email you with a day’s notice before charging your credit card. We will also notify you, once you have been billed.

Yearly subscriptions

If you decide to cancel anytime during your yearly subscription, you will be offered a refund pro-rated to the remainder of your subscription.


If you cancel your perpetual license, we’ll offer you a pro-rated refund for any unused subscription months remaining as in a 3-year term.

Mode of refunds

All refunds are processed by direct transfer to your bank account. You’ll be charged a transaction fee based on your bank and region. Any direct or indirect fee including but not limited to Forex charges with respect to the transaction will also be deducted from the refund. If you have any questions or need assistance with payments or cancellation, email us at support@hexnode.com


Please note that you won’t be eligible for refunds if your account has been suspended on the grounds of violation of our Terms of service. If you purchased your subscription from any of our resellers, please refer to the terms and conditions provided to you in connection with the purchase.


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