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Distribute macOS Enterprise App

Enterprise apps are developed and used within the company and are not available in the App Store. This makes the deployment of these apps a hefty job. An organization which manages their devices with Hexnode can easily distribute enterprise apps to the devices.

Add apps to Hexnode app inventory

In order to install enterprise apps on the device, add the apps to the Hexnode app inventory. Follow the below steps to add enterprise apps to the app inventory:

  1. From the Hexnode MDM console, navigate to Apps tabs.
  2. Click +Add Apps > Enterprise App.
  3. Select Mac.
  4. Enter the App Name.
  5. Choose either of the below options:
    • PKG file: Choose the PKG file from your system. Next, either enable or disable the checkbox to notify the admin via email once the app upload succeeds or fails.
    • From Manifest URL: Enter the URL where the app resides.
  6. Choose a category that the app can be placed in or add a new category by clicking the + button.
  7. Add a suitable description for the app and click Add.

Install the app to target devices

As soon as the app is added to the inventory, you can push the apps to the target devices/groups.

Method 1: Via Actions drop-down
  1. Go to the Manage tab from the Hexnode dashboard.
  2. Choose the target device/ device group from the list of enrolled devices.
  3. Click Actions drop-down and choose Install Application.
  4. Select the enterprise app and click Done.

Method 2: Via Mandatory app policy
  1. Go to Policies > New Policy. You can also choose to continue with an existing policy. Enter the policy name and description (optional).
  2. Select macOS > App Management > Mandatory Apps. Click Configure.
  3. Click +Add drop-down and either add an app or an app group.
  4. Choose the desired enterprise app from the list and click Done.
  5. Next, associate the policy to the target device by clicking on Policy Targets > +Add Devices.
  6. Select the target device and click Ok.
  7. Click Save.


  • The application installs silently on the device without any user intervention.
  • At times, the application takes a couple of minutes to install depending on the size of the app and the network speed.