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Is there a way to manage data usage using MDM?

Yes, Hexnode offers a host of functionalities to manage the data usage of your enrolled devices. Currently, you can monitor and limit the data usage of Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

For Android devices, you can remotely view data (both Mobile data and Wi-Fi) usage, set data limits, or even restrict the mobile data functionality. Before applying any data management configurations, make sure to enable the prompts for VPN activation on the devices from Admin > General Settings > Data Restriction (Android).

  • Hexnode’s Network Data Usage Management feature allows admins to track daily and monthly data usage. The admin can manage network data by imposing daily or monthly data limits and restricting it on reaching the limits. This feature can also be configured to send notifications to users or admins when the allowed data limit is exceeded. Hexnode also allows you to enable app-level restrictions to track, monitor, and limit per-app mobile data consumption.
  • To prevent users from using mobile data on Samsung Knox, LG Gate, and Kyocera business phones, disable the option Mobile data under Policies > Android > Restrictions > Allow Network Settings.

In the case of iOS devices, the admin can impose certain restrictions to manage data usage as follows:

  • Hexnode’s Network Usage Rules allow organizations to restrict certain applications from using mobile data on iOS devices. It also allows admins to restrict data usage on roaming.
  • You can restrict users from changing any settings for apps that use mobile data by disabling the option Apps can modify cellular data usage under Policies > iOS > Advanced Restrictions > Allow Device Functionality.

Hexnode enables IT administrators to restrict users from turning off Data Sense on their Windows devices. Data Sense is a feature used to track, monitor, or even restrict data usage. To configure this restriction, disable the option Users can turn Data Sense on/off under Policies > Windows > Advanced Restrictions > Allow Network Settings.

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