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How to enroll a device in Android Enterprise as Profile Owner

Devices can be enrolled in Android Enterprise as either device owner or profile owner mode. You have to first enroll your organization in Android Enterprise program. Unlike in device owner mode, you don’t have to reset the device to its factory settings to enroll in profile owner. Once the device is enrolled as profile owner, a work container separate from the normal device workspace will get created on the device. This containerization also prevents the mixing up of personal and corporate data in the device.


Android Enterprise enrollment is available with Hexnode UEM Pro and above plans.

Make Hexnode for Work App a Profile Owner

Google suggests personal devices to make the MDM agent a profile owner, where they obtain access to both personal and work apps, work apps being marked with a work badge. The steps to make Hexnode for Work app a profile owner is similar to enrolling devices to Hexnode UEM with the Hexnode MDM agent app.

Supported Versions:

  • Samsung Knox (SAFE) devices: Android version 6.0 and above, or Knox customisation SDK 2.6 and above.
  • General Android Devices: 5.0 and above

To make the app a profile owner and enroll the devices to Hexnode UEM,

  1. Download and install Hexnode for Work app from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app, enter the portal name. Else tap on the QR code icon on the bottom left of the screen and scan the QR code available on the Enroll > Platform-Specific > Android > QR Code, Email or SMS > Open Enrollment pane. Tap Next.
  3. Tap Continue. This will take you to the work profile set up screen.
  4. Stick with the on-screen instructions to begin setting up work profile. Hexnode for Work app may minimize during the process. This is normal. The app will relaunch in seconds.
  5. Device enrollment is initialized once the app is relaunched.
  6. The device will be enrolled, but the work profile creation might require more time to complete. So, you might be greeted with the message “Work profile creation failed”. Wait for some time to get it finished. While you wait, you can minimize Hexnode for Work app and continue any work which you have left off in the middle. The work profile status can be seen by navigating to the device details page in the Manage tab. Here, in the Device Summary subtab, under Enrollment details, you can see the Work Account Creation status. In case of failure, you can directly initiate the work account creation by clicking on the retry button.
  7. When the work profile creation is completed, an additional Hexnode for Work app (one with a work badge on the icon) will be created.
  8. Open Hexnode for Work app without the badge.
  9. The app will prompt its uninstallation. Tap Uninstall to uninstall the app.
  10. You can use the app with the badge hereafter. Device administrator permission is granted to the Hexnode for Work app automatically.
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