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How can I sync directory services with Hexnode UEM?

Hexnode’s integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Entra ID, Google Workspace (G Suite), and Okta lets you easily import your directories to Hexnode UEM. You can onboard users, groups, OUs, or even entire domains seamlessly. The periodic and on-demand syncs make sure that any changes to the organization’s directories will also be reflected on the Hexnode portal.

To synchronize Active Directory domain services with Hexnode UEM, you have to first configure the AD agent and then the Active Directory settings.

Microsoft Entra ID can be integrated with Hexnode for easy user enrollment, secured authentication capabilities, and seamless group management. You’ll be required to provide the Custom domain/Directory (Tenant) ID to configure Microsoft Entra ID with Hexnode.

Integrate Okta with Hexnode UEM to enable Hexnode login using Okta authentication, import users and groups from Okta, enroll devices seamlessly, and enable SSO across native and web apps. You will need to enter your Okta domain name and token to configure Okta in Hexnode UEM.

Configure Google Workspace (G Suite) with Hexnode to sync users or groups in your domain to the UEM portal. First and foremost, your organization must create a service account with Google. Make sure to enable API client access for Hexnode UEM. Then, integrate Google Workspace (G Suite) with the Hexnode server.

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