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Getting started with Windows device management

Microsoft’s Windows operating system is a family of graphical operating systems developed to run on personal computers and mobile devices. Hexnode UEM supports a wide range of features for Windows 10 or later devices. Get to know more about how to get started with Windows right here.

Enroll Windows devices

Hexnode UEM supports the management of PCs & Tablets running Windows 10 or later. There are a number of methods to enroll your Windows device in Hexnode UEM. Follow the link below to learn more about Windows enrollment.

Windows device enrollment…

Configure restrictions

You can block certain features on your Windows devices by setting up appropriate restrictions. Hexnode UEM showcases a set of restrictions that prevent users from accessing restricted features on the device. Go through the link below to learn more about setting up restrictions on your Windows device.

Setting up restrictions…

Manage apps

Manage, distribute and remove the apps from your Windows devices efficiently. You can also choose the device to show non-compliance in the presence of blocklisted apps.

The app gets installed silently on your device without any user intervention.

Learn more about installing store apps silently on your device.

App installation…

Users can choose the device to show non-compliance in the presence of a blocklisted app. Allowlisting renders all apps other than the specified ones as blocklisted. Either way, Hexnode UEM identifies them and marks the devices with blocklisted apps as non-compliant.

Learn more about blocklisting or allowlisting apps on the device.

Block or allow apps…

You can restrict the Windows device to a single app or a few selected applications with kiosk mode. Locking a device in kiosk mode blocks the users from accessing any other apps and functionalities on the device. Hexnode supports single and multi-app kiosk mode.

Single app kiosk mode enables you to lock down the endpoints to a purpose-specific device running only a single app. Learn more on how to set up single app kiosk mode.

Setting up single app kiosk mode…

Multi-app kiosk mode is a restrictive mode in which the device is locked-down to a set of work-critical apps. No apps other than the allowlisted ones can be accessed by the user. Learn more on how to set up multi-app kiosk mode.

Setting up multi app kiosk mode…

Prevent MDM Removal

The MDM profile on Windows 10/11 PC can be made non-removable using Hexnode UEM. This provides the organization with better control over the devices and the users won’t be able to remove the Hexnode MDM profile without the administrator’s permission. Get to know more about making MDM non-removable from the following link.

Restrict MDM removal…

Network security

Ensure utmost security for your network by configuring the Wi-Fi, Email and Exchange ActiveSync settings from the Hexnode UEM console. Get to know more about configuring network settings by following the links below:

  1. Wi-Fi settings
  2. Email settings
  3. Exchange ActiveSync configurations

Device encryption

Ensure the safety of your device by performing full disk encryption on your device with the BitLocker feature of Hexnode UEM. Follow the link below to learn more about managing BitLocker with Hexnode UEM.

Manage BitLocker…

Threat management

To guard your Windows devices against malware and threats, you can remotely apply Windows Defender policies on your work devices. This offers comprehensive real-time protection for your devices. In addition, you can also configure the Windows Defender Application Guard, which ensures isolated browsing for non-trusted sites.

Learn more about Windows Defender configuration and management at the following link.

Enable Windows Defender…

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