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Getting Started with Hexnode MDM Cloud Solution

Hexnode MDM is a cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management solution that drives the business productivity and compliance of the organizations. Hexnode offers a unified digital workspace for enterprise-wide mobility management coupled with robust content, and app management features. An MDM facilitates centralized control over the management and security configurations of all devices used inside an organization.

To manage and monitor a device using Hexnode, they must first be enrolled in the MDM solution. Hexnode supports the enrollment of both personal and corporate devices. Containerization in Hexnode ensures personal data security by establishing separate, encrypted containers on devices, separating work apps and data from personal app and data.

Check out Hexnode’s cloud deployment model by signing up for the 30-day free trial. The user should abide by the terms of the Hexnode MDM SaaS Agreement either on their own behalf or, if applicable, on behalf of a legal entity. Once successfully signed up for the portal, login will be created for the organization. Before enrolling the device in Hexnode, you should set up the email, SMS server, directory integration, APNs, and Android Enterprise, if required.

Email Server Configuration

To send email notifications and alerts to the end-users and technicians from your organizational email server, the admin should configure the outgoing server. Learn more about email configuration from the following link.

Configure E-mail Server…

If the email server is not configured, the notifications and alerts will be sent from Hexnode’s email server.

SMS Server Configuration

To send SMS enrollment requests to users, the admin has to configure your organizational SMS server in Hexnode. Learn more about SMS configuration from the following link.

Configure SMS server…


Apple Push Notification services are required for an Apple device to communicate with the Hexnode MDM server. APNs have to be configured before enrolling an Apple device in Hexnode.

Configure APNs…

Android Enterprise Integration

To enroll an Android device in the Android Enterprise (AE) program, formerly known as Android for Work, you have to first enroll your organization in AE. AE creates a work container on the device and separate work data/apps from personal data/apps. You can enroll your device in AE as either Profile Owner or Device Owner.

Configure Android Enterprise…

Directory services

Directory service integration simplifies user management in Hexnode. The integration syncs users and groups in the directory with Hexnode. The directory holds all the user information and takes care of the interactions between the user and the domain.

Hexnode supports the integration of the following directory services:

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory



Enrolling Devices

Hexnode MDM supports the management of iOS (4+), Android (2.3+), Windows PCs & Tablets (10+), Mac (10.7+), and Apple TV (6.0+) devices. Follow the link to configure enrollment settings prior to device enrollment.

Enrollment Settings…

There are different types of enrollment processes ranging from Zero-touch enrollment to minimal touch enrollment for each platform via which devices can be added in Hexnode. Learn more about enrolling devices with Hexnode MDM from the link below.

Enrolling Devices with Hexnode MDM…