Apple School Manager


  • Device Enrollment: Devices can be seamlessly enrolled in Hexnode MDM using Apple DEP, making them ready to be used right out-of-the-box.
  • Content Management: Apple School Manager allows purchase of apps and books in bulk and helps in distributing them to student devices.
  • App Deployment: Combining with VPP, Hexnode further simplifies the process of installing apps to student/staff devices, and hence the tiresome process of manual app installation on each device is ruled out.
  • Remote monitoring: Apple School Manager facilitates remote management of the school’s devices – content, settings, and restrictions. Deploying an MDM solution like Hexnode helps monitor them continuously to ensure that all the compliance requirements are checked out.


Apple School Manager (ASM) is a web platform that helps to deploy Apple devices in schools. ASM helps to set up devices, integrate them with the existing school environment, build individualized teaching and learning experience for both staff and students, deploy apps and books and use them to create an interactive learning environment – all from a single console. Integration of Apple School Manager with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution enforces streamlined enrollment and content management of devices used within an institution.

With ASM, Hexnode extends its capabilities by enabling automatic hands-free device deployment. Moreover, this integration allows users to preconfigure device settings to meet the deployment planning of the institution. Once the device is turned on, all the configurations, restrictions, and policies are automatically activated. Hexnode’s collaboration with Apple School Manager – a combination of Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), simplifies the entire process of onboarding eligible Apple devices, supervision, secure distribution and their management.

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