Apple Business Manager


  • Zero-touch deployment and supervision – Enroll your devices directly to an MDM without user-intervention and enable superior control using supervision
  • Create and manage accounts – Integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to create and manage accounts for employees to provide access to Apple Store apps and services.
  • Purchase and deploy content in bulk – Purchase and deploy apps and books to the devices in bulk and provides streamlined management of the purchased content
  • Configure DEP configuration profile – Set up DEP configuration profile on the Hexnode console


Apple Business Manager (ABM) is a web-based portal for IT administrators to deploy and manage devices and apps from a single console. ABM provides an extensive service by implementing the zero-touch deployment of Apple devices, distributing apps and books, and managing roles in an organization. ABM is an integration of Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP). It helps to deploy and manage iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac computers in bulk, thereby enhancing user experience. It also provides a higher level of control over corporate devices by enabling supervision, which provides additional device configurations. Apple VPP allows you to purchase and deploy App Store apps/books in bulk. You can also deploy custom apps/books seamlessly using VPP. It allows you to easily share app licenses and these licenses can be revoked and reassigned if not required.

Hexnode’s integration with Apple Business Manager optimizes and secures the workflow by simplifying device enrollment and management. Set-up DEP configuration profiles on Hexnode MDM to configure the enrolment settings and customize DEP settings. It also provides a simplified user experience by allowing you to manage the DEP enrolled devices and the multiple DEP accounts from a single console. Hexnode offers a feature to keep track of the apps purchased and deployed using Apple VPP. This also facilitates the monitoring of the number of assets acquired and the license count in use.

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