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Android Enterprise


Android Enterprise


  • Integrate Android support into EMM solutions with Android APIs
  • Hands-free enrollment of devices
  • A better BYOD strategy with Containerization
  • Custom app store for easy deployment and management of apps
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Android Enterprise Recommended is a program led by Google that enhances the excellence of enterprise device management. The program offers Android APIs thereby enabling developers to integrate Android support into their Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions. Android Enterprise program streamlines business workflows by providing device administrators with advanced management capabilities that help them deploy and manage devices seamlessly within an organization. With a broad range of features, this program makes Android devices more enterprise-friendly while ensuring the security of critical corporate content. Android Enterprise program helps IT administrators to manage Android devices right from the initial device setup. Moreover, it provides a managed play store for seamless app distribution. This program offers containerization that isolates work apps and data from personal apps and data to enhance security and embrace BYOD.

With Android Enterprise program, Hexnode enables Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE), which is a mandatory requirement for Android Enterprise Recommended, thereby empowering administrators to deploy devices in bulk, without even touching it. Hexnode, with its Android Enterprise integration, enables Factory Reset Protection (FRP) that prevent other users from accessing devices upon unauthorized factory resets. Furthermore, Hexnode enables the admins to silently install whitelisted applications and block the use of unwanted applications by blacklisting them.

Supported Versions

  • General Android devices: Android 5.0 and above
  • Samsung Knox devices: Android 6.0 and above