1. How to enroll Android devices

How to enroll Android devices

Install the Hexnode app on the device to continue with enrollment.

1. Once the enrollment request is sent to user, user receives an email with details.
2. A sample email is shown below:


3. Open the enrollment URL in the same device which needs to be enrolled. It shows the
following screen.


4. Click on Enroll button.

It will redirect you to Google Play store to download and install Hexnode MDM Profile


5. Click on Install and once installed, open the application in the device. It will show a page
as shown below.


Enter the Server details, username and password information as received in the initial
enrollment email. Click on Enroll.

6. Once the authentication is done, the device is successfully enrolled with Hexnode MDM.
Following screens will activate device administration through Hexnode MDM. Once
activated, the app shows the policies and compliance status of the device, catalogues
attached to the device and MDM settings for the device.


  • Catalogue lists the app catalogues assigned to the device.
  • Compliance lists the compliance status of the device
  • Configurations lists the policies related stats of the device.
  • MDM settings has information related to various device properties as shown below