Mobile Application Management

Deliver the right productivity apps with enterprise-grade security


Distribute and manage enterprise, store and web apps

Simplified App Management

Simplified App Management

Seamless deployment and management of public, in-house and web apps across devices.

Seamless Purchase and Distribution

Seamless Purchase and Distribution

Purchase distribution and app license management made easy with enterprise integrations.

Comprehensive support for <a href='/mobile-device-management/bring-your-own-device/' class='' target='_blank'>BYOD</a>

Comprehensive support for BYOD

Segregate work and personal spaces on the same device with data containerization.

Multi-platform application management from a single portal

Mobile Application Management Android

Distribute, manage and track applications over-the-air

Mobile Application Management iOS

Deliver the right apps to the right users at the right time

Mobile Application Management macOS

Remotely manage the complete application lifecycle

Mobile Application Management Windows

Add value to your business with flexible management options

Mobile Application Management tvOS

Built for simplified app management

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