Case study on DKT Philippines:
Aiding the cause to raise
a healthier community

DKT Internatioal

The company

Founded in 1989 by Phil Harvey, DKT started as a non-profit organization to promote family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing. Implementing social marketing services in 20 countries, DKT international is one of the biggest names in social service sector all around the world. DKT manufactures all sorts of contraceptives like condoms, oral contraceptives, injectable contraceptives and IUDs. The company do not just manufacture contraceptives but conducts extensive campaigns, awareness programs etc in many communities and thus helping them to raise a better and healthy generation. The humanitarian works from DKT has helped in saving millions of lives by preventing unwanted births and STDs.

The story

Being in the line of work that DKT is, there are a lot of medical representatives working in the field, conducting marketing, counseling and awareness programs. Though deploying devices seem easy, managing them is a burden for the IT admins since all these devices need to be monitored and maintained. That’s when Lemuel Dale De Mesa, from DKT’s IT team started looking for a cost effective but efficient MDM solution for managing his mobile device fleet.

Comparing many MDM solutions, he found Hexnode MDM has all the features that any other solutions offered but more user friendly and cost effective. Where others came with a lot of formalities and registration steps, Hexnode MDM could be easily signed up with. Convinced from the first look itself he decided to contact Hexnode MDM. With the help of the very responsive support team, implementing the solution was fast and efficient.


“Part of my project with DKT Philippines Inc. was to continuously monitor and inventory the new devices deployed to our field personnel and with this I started searching for a reliable but cost effective Mobile Device Management solution. The market has lots of platform to offer and the only thing that differs are the costing. I came across Hexnode MDM through searching on websites that reviews MDM platforms and thought might give it a shot. With the platform familiarity of their sales team and the responsiveness of the technical team, I am very glad that I have deployed my project through Hexnode MDM. A cost-effective solution with features of other MDM platforms. Kudos Hexnode and Mitsogo for creating this simple yet very reliable, user-friendly and cost effective solution.”



Web Developer | Google Apps for Work Administrator | Online Services Administrator | DKT International Philippines ROHQ

The challenges

  • The devices being deployed to field employees, their location needed to be monitored constantly.
  • The overall performance and status of the device as well as the users needed to be monitored and controlled to prevent misuse of the device.
  • Immediate and remote action on devices which got lost or went out of compliance was of paramount importance.
  • App distribution on corporate devices.

The solution

  • Hexnode MDM provides an accurate location tracking service along with a detailed location history report that is available for download. The location can be fetched instantly as well as periodically. Lemuel was able to get the correct location details and reports of all the devices daily without fail.
  • The installation of inappropriate apps could also be prevented with Hexnode MDM. The inappropriate apps can be blacklisted and can be prevented from using it on the device.
  • Up to date status of the devices could be obtained and necessary maintenance could be done very effectively since implementing Hexnode MDM.
  • The enterprise app from DKT could be installed on every device by setting it up as a mandatory app and manual pushing is required no more.

The Result

DKT Philippines found what they were looking for in Hexnode MDM - a cost effective, efficient and user friendly Mobility Management solution which took few things off the IT’s to-do list. The main requirements like location tracking, reports and up-to-date device status reports were easily provided by Hexnode MDM. Fair in the terms of cost but rich with features, Hexnode makes the life of IT admins a lot easier and device fleet secure.

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