Millennium Hotels and Resorts: Streamlining Mobile Kiosk Management across 13 hotels from a single console

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The Hotel

Based in London, the Millennium Hotels and Resorts has over 120 hotels all across the world. Among them, 13 of the branches are in North America alone. The hotel chain spans across Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and North America. Founded in 1995, Millennium Hotels blends Asian hospitality with western comfort which makes it popular among its customers everywhere.

The story

The hotel employees who were travelling all over the country, were provided with company phones for their work. The phones were supposed to be used only for work purposes. The devices included both Android and iOS. So, the IT team required a solution which supports both OS platforms and restrict the devices to a few work specific apps. Since the devices were on the field most of the time, they needed to keep track of the devices too.

The IT application support manager - Fred Ullmer had already tried other popular MDM solutions before discovering Hexnode MDM. Hexnode proved to be a lot simpler and easy to use than the other solutions. Even though little assistance were required, the Hexnode tech support team was always quick to respond and attentive making the whole process smooth.

Millennium Hotels needed ...

  • AD integration for user import
  • Kiosk lock down
  • Location tracking
  • Remote wipe

Hexnode in action

All the users in the Hotel Active Directory was imported to the Hexnode MDM console, relieving the IT team from adding users manually.

The Kiosk mode allowed them to lock down the devices by whitelisting a few necessary apps. Thus the devices only showed these apps alone and it could not be used for any other purposes. The employees couldn’t exit the kiosk mode by themselves either.

The location of the devices could be tracked from the MDM console and regular location updates with location history could be obtained if needed. Periodic location tracking could be enabled as well as instantaneous location fetch to know the device location at any time.

The devices could be wiped remotely when compromised. Both enterprise wipe and full device wipe is supported. The enterprise wipe would remove every settings, applications and data pushed through the MDM.

In a nutshell

The hotel deployed devices were successfully enrolled and managed with Hexnode MDM. The Hexnode Kiosk turned out to be the perfect solution that fitted their requirements. The kiosk mode could be implemented on Android and iOS devices.

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