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The story of Kensington Exclusive Properties

Locating and managing the field devices seamlessly with Hexnode UEM

With Lovelyn Beltran | Executive Assistant at Kensington Exclusive Properties

Why Hexnode

The company needed a solution to track the real-time location of the field staff and distribute apps on the devices remotely.


Real Estate




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The story

Kensington Exclusive Properties is one of the biggest real estate dealers in the world. It was founded with a mission to create the world’s leading holistic real estate brand. Kensington deals with both residential and commercial real estate deals for buyers, sellers, investors, landlords, and tenants. The company also provides a chauffeur service to customers for viewing the properties. Helping people to find extraordinary Real Estate worldwide, Kensington proves to be an expert in the field.

Everybody knows that when it comes to real estate, only three things matter: location, location, and location! That’s what led Lovelyn Beltran, Executive Assistant at Kensington Exclusive Properties, to Hexnode UEM. Though Hexnode has nothing to do with real estate, it has everything to do with the corporate devices. Hexnode has a very elaborate location tracking feature with reports and location history and periodic and instantaneous location scanning functionalities.

kensington exclusive properties case study
kensington exclusive properties case study with hexnode

Kensington has deployed iPhones with company SIM to the employees in different departments, such as sales and retails, where the people will be out of the office and traveling in and out of the country. Since the devices were moving all the time, the company needed to monitor and manage them remotely. The main requirements were the ability to locate the employees and deploy apps to the devices. Hexnode not only satisfied their requirements but delivered a simple and intuitive solution.

The field employees who are the real estate agents have company deployed iPhones. With Hexnode UEM, Lovelyn and the team could install the required apps on the devices remotely. Hexnode allowed them to deploy apps to the devices despite their location. They were able to track the real-time location information of the field staff easily. They could also fetch the history of the traversed locations as well as the location report from the UEM console. Most of the UEMs require the app to run in the background to fetch the location. But Hexnode UEM can fetch location even if the app is killed when there is a significant change in the location. Since the devices are the property of the company, and the employees use the company provided SIM cards, the Kensington team needed to monitor and manage the device inventory regularly. The periodic and instantaneous scanning, along with compliance alerts, helped Lovelyn and the team to keep the devices in check all the time.

hexnode case study on kensington exclusive properties
case study kensington exclusive properties

In a nutshell

As a real estate company, Kensington has a lot of field employees who are traveling all the time. The company needed a solution to monitor the device and its users. The location tracking feature from Hexnode UEM made it possible for Kensington to monitor the location of the field employees. Furthermore, the admin could push applications and updates to the devices. Hexnode UEM provided the complete device management solution to Kensington to manage their device fleet.