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MDM for Higher Education

Technology assisting education

The Unified Endpoint Management solution for colleges The Unified Endpoint Management solution for colleges

The Unified Endpoint Management solution for colleges

In colleges and universities, students may be at liberty to work on their personal devices. Mobile phones, laptops and tablets are used by students for learning purposes. Security of device and data is of paramount importance despite the ownership of the device. Hexnode UEM allows colleges to manage the personal owned and institution owned devices from a single portal.

Mobile device management for higher educations

Centralized console for device management

Hexnode, being the perfect Unified Endpoint Management system, supports the management of iOS, Android, Windows, tvOS and macOS devices. Personal and corporate-owned devices are secured and managed equally.

BYOD management

For college students, they might be able to use their own mobile phones, tablets or laptops for learning purposes. Hexnode enables effective BYOD management by separating personal and education apps and data.

EMM for colleges

Network configuration

The college Wi-Fi, VPN, student emails, etc, can be configured on the devices even if it is personal owned. Sharing network credentials with the students are not necessary when configuring networks with Hexnode UEM.

Multi-app kiosk mode

College provisioned mobile devices can be put in a multi-app kiosk mode to make the device task-specific. The device is locked down to a few apps, webpages and settings. This makes the device a study-oriented tool.

Mobility management in higher education

Kiosk secure browser

The secure browser from Hexnode enables safe browsing by restricting unwanted or unsafe websites. Kiosk browser works perfectly with the kiosk mode by enabling the institution to whitelist or blacklist website URLs.

Content management

The study materials which may be of any file type can be sent to the student’s devices without their assistance. For personal devices, study apps and data can be separated by using containers.

Endpoint management in higher education

Apple deployment programs

Apple deployment programs such as Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) and Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program) enables mass deployment of Apple devices and purchase and distribution of apps.

Expense management

Enforcing network data restriction to students will cut down the institution’s expenses to a limit. This restriction will also encourage students to use the network in an appropriate way for learning.