MDM for Higher Education

MDM for higher education

Best MDM for higher education

Mobile devices of all types have become an integral part of the classroom and laboratories in colleges and universities around the world. Smartphones and tablets have a unique ability to enhance a student’s learning experience with digital content, and in a managed environment, these same devices can better help instructors and administers deliver that experience.

Colleges and universities have long faced the challenges of making sure that all students in the institution have access the same software tools. Hexnode MDM makes it easy to ensure that students and instructors are getting the tools they need. Apps, institutional website access, and overall device configuration remains consistent for every device tied to the network.

With Hexnode MDM for Higher Education, instructors can keep pace with advances in technology and students can receive the best that technology has to offer for rewarding learning experiences. And administrators are able to maintain control and security, regardless of the size of the institution.

Centralized Management

Large, sprawling colleges and universities face a particular set of management challenges. Hexnode MDM offers a solution that removes the challenges of managing mobile devices for any size institution. Administrators and instructors can easily manage all mobile devices that are tied to the institution’s network. Through a centralized dashboard, administrators are able to configure mobile devices to fit institutional needs and further educational goals. This easy-to-use interface offers plenty of features, including detailed metrics and analytics, unlimited setting configurations, as well as a platform to manage applications and secure devices.

Active Directory Integration

With Active Directory Integration with Hexnode MDM, your institution of higher learning has the ability to fulfill enrollment requests with ease. Take the hassle out of enrollment with our user-centric management tools. You’ll get 100% integration with your institution’s AD and your network remains safe by ensuring that only authorized users can enroll into the network and have access only to apps their devices are authorized to install.

Hexnode MDM takes AD integration a step further with features such as:

  • Remote management
  • Hands-off approach
  • Policy configuration by static or dynamic grouping
  • Policy configuration by individual users
  • BYOD Management

    These days, most college and university students own their own tablets and smartphones. Institutions can take advantage of this reality with the cost-effective Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) MDM solution from Hexnode. The BYOD solution goes much further than just allowing students access to a WiFi network; BYOD enables administrators to manage personal iOS and Android devices that students bring to class and use around campus.

    Students and instructors can bring devices that they are already comfortable with, and administrators can enroll them into the network. Once enrolled, administrators can set security policies, enable or restrict a whole series of apps, and monitor compliance. Set configurations when devices are added to the network and remove them when the devices are removed. Security and compliance is also a snap because you can detect and take action on:

  • Non-compliant devices
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Blacklisted apps
  • Devices without passcodes
  • Inactive devices
  • And much more
  • Mobile Email Management

    Colleges and universities thrive on the ability to communicate with faculty and students. With Mobile Email Management with Hexnode MDM, administrators can remotely configure enrolled devices with all the necessary tools on both POP and IMAP email accounts. Configure Exchange ActiveSync policies for improved access, calendars, CalDAV, and CardDAV on student devices so they stay informed on upcoming events and have access to their contacts.

    Mobile Application Management

    The Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution from Hexnode is the perfect method of making sure that students and instructors have the apps they need, and restricting access to those they shouldn’t. Our hands-off MAM solution allows you to seamlessly roll-out mobile apps to enrolled devices without ever touching them.

    Other key features include:

  • App installation and uninstallation
  • Specialized app catalogs that target specific groups of users
  • App blacklisting and whitelisting
  • App Distribution which helps you to distribute apps without app store
  • App reports that help keep track of apps and the devices that have them installed
  • Security and Compliance

    Keeping student devices compliant to institution policies help to keep the network and other devices secure, with Hexnode MDM for Higher Education, administrators are able to configure devices that are enrolled in the network according to university policies. By creating a series of policies you can restrict certain apps or user devices from access according to groups. Furthermore, you will be able to identify and neutralize any policy violations, as well as force compliance as needed.

    Self-Service Portal

    Hexnode MDM offers a self-service portal that can put power into students’ hands. They are able to control certain aspects of their devices, such as remotely lock, wipe, and locate a missing device. This feature gives students the ability to manage their devices to a degree set by administrators, thus freeing administrators from tasks that students could easily handle themselves without conflicting with the network or modifying device configuration.

    Apple Volume Purchase Program

    Hexnode MDM for Higher Education makes bulk purchases and distribution of apps easy through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP). The VPP allows colleges and universities to choose from thousands of apps and e-books directly from the App Store. Distribute purchased apps and even custom ones directly to enrolled devices through the VPP store. This solution for managed distribution also makes it easy for app revocation and reassignment after a student no longer needs the app that is on a device.

    Apple Device Enrollment Program

    The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) with Hexnode MDM gives colleges and universities the power to enroll and deploy a series of institution-owned devices. Students receive their devices pre-configured and readily compliant. They can focus on their assignments and follow along with lectures and instructors don’t have to worry about students not having the proper tools for study. With DEP, the network and its devices remain secure.

    Single App Mode

    Single-app mode, also known as Kiosk mode, allows administrators to lock a device to a single app. When activated, this mode will not allow users to exit the app environment. This feature is particularly useful for exams and quizzes, since it gives students the power of a processor yet prevents cheating. It can also be used for specific projects, to keep students focused on a particular task, or even an information portal.

    Supervision Mode

    Hexnode MDM in Supervision mode allows administrators a greater amount of control over the devices enrolled into the network. Apps can be push installed onto student devices, can be forced into single-app mode, apps can be removed, configured to disallow modifications to account settings, white and blacklist apps, along with a long list of other powerful features that keep students on track and the network safe. And staying with Hexnode’s hands-off approach, it all can be done remotely from a central location.

    Simple, Secure MDM for Higher Education!