Unified Mobile and Desktop Management

Forrester includes Hexnode as a mobility specialist in the Now Tech: Unified Endpoint Management, Q2 2019 report

Why businesses love Hexnode MDM?

Rapid deployment Easy on the budget Endpoint Management Cloud-based platform Enterprise-ready integrations

Trusted by SMBs to Fortune 100 companies around the world


iOS Device Management

Apple DEP

Streamline large-scale deployments. Wirelessly configure devices for automated MDM enrollment and out of the box use

Apple VPP

Save on app costs with volume licenses for iOS apps and books. Secure and private distribution for B2B apps.

iOS kiosk lockdown

Lock down devices in single or multi-app mode. Boost employee productivity. Keep students focused on the task at hand.

Configure and Restrict

Set up device configurations over the air. Disable features like camera, app store and iCloud.

App Management

Distribute Enterprise and Store apps. Blacklist or Whitelist applications. Set up app catalogs.


Improve security by keeping unwanted websites at bay. Restrict inappropriate content. Black/White list specific websites


Android Device Management

Enterprise Ready

Integration with Samsung Knox, LG GATE & Kyocera EMM. Alliances with Sony, Zebra, HTC, Huawei and more on the way.

Android TV

Configure, restrict, lock down and manage apps on Android TVs. Ensure safe media consumption and business presentations.

Android kiosk lockdown

Lock down devices to one or more apps. Configure background apps for required services.

Android Enterprise

Enable BYOD without worrying about corporate data. Set up separate work profiles to securely contain work apps and data.

Secure Browser

Blacklist/Whitelist URLs to disable unwanted websites. Enable secure multi-tabbed browsing.

OEM/ROM enrollment

Enjoy enhanced control on Android devices like silent app installation and auto-enrollment


Windows Device Management

Unified solution

Manage Windows phones, tablets, laptops and PCs from a single portal. Securely provision corporate devices.

Password rules

Improve security by setting rules with the desired password complexity, expiration and retry attempts.

Email and network

Set up corporate Wi-Fi, email and ActiveSync configurations remotely.

Location tracking

View and track device locations. Log and export location history of devices.


tvOS Management

Secure Airplay

Block unauthorized users from streaming content on to your Apple TVs by locking it up with a password

Set up Wi-Fi Networks

No need to manually connect every Apple TV to the WiFi. Remotely push network configurations to a group of enrolled devices.

Simplified Enrollment

Leverage Apple Device Enrollment Programs to auto enroll devices with Hexnode MDM during volume deployments

Conference Room Display

Prevent any inappropriate content on the launch screen being displayed to the audience. Remotely turn on Conference Room display with a custom message.


macOS Management

Volume Deployment

Simplify large-scale deployments with Apple DEP. Preconfigure settings to auto enroll with MDM.

Secure Devices

Wirelessly configure and restrict devices. Set up device passcode rules. Remotely lock devices.

BYOD and Corporate

Distinguish between Personal and Corporate devices right from enrollment. Set different policies for both.

Easy OTA enrollment

Enroll Mac devices just the way you enroll iOS devices. No need for admin to physically access the devices.

Manage and secure all your endpoints from one place


Unification of Desktop & Mobile

Integrated Desktop management and Mobile Device Management solution

One portal

No need to log on to multiple portals. Manage and secure all devices from a single place.

Many devices

Manage iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, Apple TVs; Android phones, tablets, TVs, Windows phones, laptops, PCs and more.

Multi-platform policies

Assign unified policies to a heterogenous group of devices, configurations specific to each platform gets deployed on the devices.

Reduce costs, not security

Reduce costs, not security

Save on hardware costs by allowing employees to use their own devices for work while securing the corporate data on devices.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Working remotely on personal devices yields better output. No time lost in employees getting comfortable with the devices or office environment.

Corporate data wipe

Corporate data wipe

Delete corporate pushed configurations, restrictions and apps while keeping personal data intact.



Assign restrictive policies that activate only when users are within the company premises.

Inventory apps

Inventory apps

Maintain the full list of apps installed on the devices in your enterprise. Add in-house apps and externally sourced apps.

Distribute Enterprise Apps

Distribute Enterprise Apps

Securely deploy corporate apps on employee devices. Manage upgrades and downgrades seamlessly.

Black/white list applications

Black/white list applications

Disable unnecessary apps by black/white listing. Get alerts on blacklisted app installation.

App catalogs

App catalogs

Create custom catalogs of apps to better manage and allow users to install necessary apps from a single location

Data security

Data security

Secure corporate data by remotely locking or wiping stolen devices. Delete enterprise apps and settings during device disenrollment.

Network security

Network security

Enable Wi-Fi access to devices without sharing passwords.Configure a Global HTTP Proxy on devices.

Email security

Email security

Highlight emails sent to non-corporate domains. Ensure attachments are opened only in corporate deployed apps.

App Security

App Security

Centrally monitor applications installed on devices. Blacklist unwanted applications. Whitelist necessary applications to block all the rest.



Automatic compliance monitoring. Alerts on compliance violations. Manual & Preset compliance criteria

Auto lockdown

Auto lockdown

Enforce auto lockdown of corporate devices when they stay offline for a specified number of days.

Share files conveniently

Share files conveniently

No need for uploading files elsewhere or attaching in email. Send files to users directly from the portal.

Save users some trouble

Save users some trouble

For key files that need to be placed in specific directories, users needn't be bothered. Admin can deploy them remotely

Mass deployment

Mass deployment

Assign files via policy to have them deployed to a group of devices at once

Offline app installations

Offline app installations

Send a bunch of APKs to devices to enable users install applications without having to be connected to the internet.

Forced deployment

Forced deployment

Deploy files without having to wait around for confirmation from user end.

Built-in content viewer

Built-in content viewer

No need to white-list 3rd party file managers. Open and view shared content right within Hexnode MDM app.


Single and multi-app kiosk lockdown

Lock devices to a single app or a few selected applications. Set apps to automatically relaunch when the kiosk lockdown is idle.

Website kiosk lockdown

Feature a website on the device by locking it to the specific device. Disable access to other websites, apps or content.

Secure browsing with kiosk lockdown

Activate single function web kiosk lockdown with multi-tabbed browsing. Limit browsing to a list of pre-approved websites.

Control device peripheral settings

Remotely configure peripheral settings like volume and screen brightness. Selectively allow user access to key functions like flashlight.

Locate devices

Find the exact location of your devices. View the locations of a group of devices on a single map overlay.

Track devices

View the location history of devices as a timeline. Export device location history reports as a PDF or CSV file

Manual location check-ins

Users can report their current location from the device-end with a note for additional information.

Regulate location tracking

Selectively turn on or off location tracking for individual devices or groups via policy. Customize tracking interval for optimal battery use.

Keep students in check

Mark school premises as safe zones to easily identify students that bunk school and take off to elsewhere.

Identify sneaky employees

In case of field agents that work on commission, geofence a competitor location as a no-go zone to easily catch them red-handed.

Auto group geofenced devices

Have devices automatically moved in and out of groups based on whether devices are within or beyond the assigned geofence.

Auto enforce restrictions

Assign policies with restrictions or lockdown on dynamic groups to have all the devices in violation automatically restricted.

Stop relying on 3rd party messaging tools

Message users directly from the portal. No need to use Email or SMS to send a quick message to users during management

Broadcast messages

Broadcast announcements and reminders to all the users right from the portal. Create groups to batch message a set of users.

Conveniently message in Kiosk

Send instant messages to users right within Kiosk. No need to whitelist 3rd party applications for communication

All communications in one place

Messages instantly flash on the device screen. All messages from admin show up organized within the app.

Real-time monitoring

View device screen in real-time where the highest level of security is necessary.

Instant support

Provide real-time assistance to users. Identify and troubleshoot issues first-hand.

Parental supervision

Keep an eye on what is happening with kids' devices in real-time. Lent a hand when they need a grown-up's assistance

Remote control

Take control of the devices remotely to fix issues, help with training or provide assistance to differently abled users

Keep voice and data costs in check

Get voice call volume and data usage statistics for better managing mobile expenses on corporate carrier plans.

Trouble free auditing

Meet financial audits head-on with precise reports on voice and data usage.

Usage warning and restrictions

Issue usage warning on plans nearing exhaustion. Automatically bar calls and restrict data usage after limits

App-specific quotas

Set specific limits for each app. Conveniently block non-work apps from eating into corporate data plans

Integrate into your solution

Integrate into your solution

Impart Mobile Device Management capabilities to your solution. Seamless integrate using REST APIs

Complete customization

Complete customization

Fully customize Hexnode MDM for your internal use by designing your own UI. Perfect for re-branding and reselling.

Cost effective


Really cost-effective when compared to building a custom Enterprise Mobility Management solution from scratch.

Comprehensive documentation

Comprehensive documentation

Get started easily with detailed help available right on Hexnode Mobile Device Management support portal.

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