Latino Youth High School: The story of migration from Apple Configurator to Hexnode MDM for managing iPads and applications

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The School

The Latino Youth High School is a school under Pilsen Wellness Center, which is a non-profit organization that provides services to the Latino communities of Chicago. The school provides a second chance for students to obtain a high school diploma. Focusing on the students individually, the school offers the required attention and support for them to learn and grow. The organization has four divisions of operation: mental health, substance abuse, youth services and education.

The story

Deploying iPads to students for learning purposes is a very effective yet fun way to study. When the Latino Youth High School deployed iPads for education, they relied on Apple Configurator for device management purposes. The main work to be done on the devices was to install apps as per the request from the teachers. The thing with Apple Configurator is that the iPad needs to be connected physically to a Mac and configuration profiles has to be pushed manually each time there is an update. Doing this repeatedly for all the iPads is not very easy. Moreover, once they updated the macOS, the original Apple Configurator became the new version which is Apple Configurator 2. The Apple Configurator which was already difficult to handle got even worse with the update. Eventually, Leroy Smith, the IT/Inventory Specialist at Pilsen Wellness Center started looking for a Mobile Device Management solution which fits their requirement and budget.

They needed to ...

  • Push apps to the student’s devices as per the request from the teachers
  • Monitor the applications and push updates
  • Prevent kids from changing the device settings
  • Track the devices
  • Basic Device Management operations

Hexnode in the scene

The Mobile Application Management solution enabled remote pushing of apps and updates with a single click.

Even after the app gets installed on the tablets, the admin was able to monitor the apps from the MDM console. All the apps in the device were listed in the console and the admin could delete these managed apps at any time.

Setting the app as mandatory apps helped identify the device in which the app is not available. Also, this came in handy when a kid removed the app from the device.

The location tracking feature gave the exact location of the school devices, which was pretty useful when the devices were deployed to the students. The current location and location history of the devices could be obtained very easily from the console.

The basic device management options such as device scan, location scan, clear passcode etc were some of those actions that proved useful during the course of management.

In a nutshell

The Latino Youth High School has deployed iPads to its students which contain different learning apps. The IT admin was required to push the apps and updates to all these devices. Hexnode has provided the perfect solution that satisfied them and also at a very reasonable price. Graduating from Apple Configurator to Hexnode MDM has proved to be very effective, simple and reliable. Also, Hexnode consumed very less time, which made everyone happy.

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