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The company

Entrepreneur Dr. Darweesh Zagzoug started Andalusia Hospital as a single hospital in Jeddah in the year of 1984. From that, Andalusia has emerged as a leading medical service giant in just 30 years. Now Andalusia is one of the biggest healthcare networks in the Middle East. A number of institutions like general hospitals, dental centers, polyclinics and supporting service units constitute the Andalusia group. With the mission of improving the healthcare facilities and thus improving the quality of life all over Middle East, Andalusia envisions the transformation of healthcare facilities to global standards. Andalusia’s main circle of operation is in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The story

When Mohamed Yahia AbdElKader – the IT systems administrator of Hai Al Jamea hospital (a part of the Andalusia group) contacted Hexnode MDM solution, he was in dire need of an MDM with location tracking solution which gives extensive reports. The Android devices that were deployed by the corporation needed to be tracked without any fail. The location tracking and report was the sole option to determine the employee performance. Along the process of trying out solutions after solutions, Mohamed came across Hexnode MDM and didn’t look further.

The Marketing team at Hai Al Jamea hospital keeps travelling in the line of their work. Mohamed needed a complete location report on each individual. Hexnode MDM provided the exact solution for that. The report provides location, latitude, longitude, time and duration based on the time period it is set to fetch the location. Though some of the minute features were not available at first, Hexnode provided all these features in a short span of time. The support team which was so quick to respond left no requests unanswered and every small issue were rectified immediately. The implementation of Hexnode MDM was smooth as promised.


“Topnotch customer service whatever my region time I find someone answer me and give support, Ability to Schedule new requests for features didn't exist, MDM with awesome mobile tracing system. For that I recommend Hexnode.”



IT System Administrator, Andalusia Hospitals

The challenges

  • Basic MDM solution with inventory management.
  • The exact location of the employees and the time duration of their stay needed to be monitored and recorded precisely so that their work can be evaluated.
  • A detailed report on each employee needed to be created based on their location and time spent.
  • Scheduled reports to get reports on devices at specified period of time,automatically.
  • Assigning another technician to access the reports section alone.
  • Disable mock locations.
  • The employees needed an option to push their location to the MDM server.

The solution

  • Hexnode MDM met with their basic requirements for inventory management like remote wipe, remote lock, device syncing and compliance checking etc.
  • The location tracking feature in Hexnode MDM helped Andalusia to fetch location at any period of time ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • The location history of each employee could b exported as pdf or csv file with elaborated details such as employee details, location, duration, start time, end time, latitude and longitude.
  • Scheduling the reports in Hexnode MDM enabled the automatic updating to the administrator about the status of the events that has been specified. These reports were sent via email, at the time period specified by the administrator.
  • The custom role assigning for multiple technicians is a feature which will enable other technicians to login to the server and access only the permitted section in the MDM server. In the case of Andalusia, a second technician needed access to the reports section alone in Hexnode MDM, while the complete control still resided with the main technician.
  • Since the employees were evaluated based on the location reports from Hexnode MDM, the usage of any mock location apps has been disabled by the solution. If any mock location app is enabled the location scan will fail, saying “location data unreliable (from mock location app)” in the device Actions list.
  • The Hexnode MDM app comes with a location push button for the users which they can use to manually push their current location details to the MDM server.

The Result

The IT department of Hai Al Jamea hospital is now able to manage and track the location of all the mobile devices deployed in the marketing and sales department. The complete location history report on each individual device provides solid information about the behaviour of the users. The location check in feature incorporated in the app enables the users to manually push their current location when required.

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