Hartley ISD:Teaching made fun with learning apps deployed by Hexnode MDM

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The school

Located in the north-west of Texas, Hartley Independent School District is one of the two public schools in Hartley County, providing K-12 level education. The school mascot is “Tigers” and it suits so well with Hartley because the young people are being brought up just like those majestic cats – brilliant and powerful.

The story

The teachers have school-provided iPads which contain educational apps and learning games installed in them to make learning fun and effective. Since the school doesn’t have a solid IT department to handle the device inventory, it’s the teachers that manage these devices that are deployed. The main job of an admin is to deploy new learning apps to the teacher’s devices. Larry Franks, the IT admin/Social Studies teacher of Hartley ISD, was looking for an MDM solution which would help him manage and deploy apps to the devices. Though he tried many solutions, he could find one that was simple enough to use. That’s when he found Hexnode MDM. The solution seemed to be easy and the trial proved that it was! With the help of the support team, Larry was able to enroll and manage the devices.


“The product has performed as advertised. I think that the most important area that I have to deal with is the support. The tech help has been stellar. I have never had a negative experience with Hexnode. A++ rating”



Hartley ISD

The challenges

  • Distributing different set of apps to teacher's devices based on the grades they were teaching in
  • With no solid technical department, the teachers needed to handle the MDM solution.
For five years, Hartley high school went along with the traditional way of manually adding the apps to each device, which has different user name and password and all that jazz. The first grade, second grade and third grade teachers use different set of learning games and educational apps for teaching. Often teachers requested the best apps that other grades were using. So the admin needed to add these apps to the devices or the teachers had to do it themselves. Handling all these devices with different set of requirements was getting tedious when Larry Franks started looking for an MDM solution.

The solution

  • The devices could be assigned to different groups based on the grades which enabled the admin to push the apps to their corresponding device groups.
  • The simple UI plus a few support calls made it possible for the admin - Larry to implement the solution by himself.
The app distribution for different grades where simplified beyond expectations with the easiest device group management feature in Hexnode. What usually took hours of boring work only takes a few minutes now. Any apps the teachers required were provided so easily, which made them very happy. The Hexnode support team helped Larry Franks to implement the solution in the best possible way that suited their requirement.

The Result

Bringing all the iPads which were deployed to the staff under a single console put a big dent in the admin's work load. Teachers had their apps delivered to their devices whenever they demanded it and no waiting involved this time, which made everyone happy. Hartley ISD is one example of the perfect integration of MDM in education.

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