MDM for Schools

The new phase of education with technology

Best MDM for schools

Best MDM for Schools

Mobile devices are some of the most useful and versatile pieces of technology to appear in the classroom in the last decade. They make it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn by offering access to software packages and information that enhance the educational experience.

Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices can provide rich, digital content that help students learn and make it easier for them to engage with each other and their instructors. Educational apps and websites take this a step further with focused content. Hexnode MDM for schools delivers the best of these elements in an easy-to-manage, wireless, and secure platform. With Hexnode MDM, teachers focus on teaching, students focus on learning, and mobile device management stays out of the way.

Hexnode MDM is rich in functionalities and features specifically built for the Schools

  • Multi OS Support (Apple,Android)
  • Set up and configure in no time
  • Quick and Easy Enrollment
  • Centralized Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Securely distribute apps without app store
  • Mobile Email Management
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Apple DEP, Apple VPP, Apple Supervised Mode
  • Easier compared to Apple Configurator
  • Interactive Content

    Interactive Content

    Getting students involved can be difficult for any teacher, but with Hexnode MDM, teachers can provide students apps and websites that can engage and even challenge students to learn. Provide rich-media content and interactive apps that enhance textbook learning and share experiences that generic presentations cannot. Send student’s minds soaring and unleash their learning potential with relevant content on devices that are under a teacher’s control.
    Paperless Innovation

    Paperless Innovation

    Hexnode MDM for schools take great strides toward a better environment by significantly reducing the classroom’s carbon footprint. When students are tied to the network through mobile devices, they no longer need handouts, forms, and other papers. Presentations, quizzes, exams, textbooks, and even homework assignments can be paperless. Not only is going paperless part of a green initiative, it also saves time. Multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions can be graded without teachers needing to physically verify every answer.
    Hexnode MDM for schools opens doors for students according to their needs and teachers according to their teaching styles. Mobile devices can be configured to meet current curriculum needs, and can be customized to meet changes as they happen. Hexnode MDM allows teachers to customize the learning experience for their entire classroom, and even individual students. Meet students’ needs for a better opportunity to rise above academic standards.
    Educational Apps

    Educational Apps

    These days, textbooks often come with companion online texts, exercises, and other online components. Not only does Hexnode MDM enable students and teachers to access these online tools on their devices, it also enables the use of educational apps. Educational apps can be installed from an online store, such as Google Play, or your own private catalog and then configured to fit the needs of students while still maintaining network security.

    Make teaching and learning more fun and effective

    Enable Collaboration

    Enable Collaboration

    While mobile devices are a great tool for students to learn at their own pace, they are also an excellent tool for collaborative efforts. Students can be assigned to work on projects in groups with their devices. Teachers have the ability to monitor activity, restrict access to certain apps or functions, and make changes as needed. Hexnode MDM makes collaboration a breeze, and it doesn’t require students to occupy the same space in order to complete their collaborative assignments.
    Nurture Creativity

    Nurture Creativity

    With Hexnode MDM for schools, students have the unique ability to access the full potential that mobile devices can bring to the classroom. Students have the ability to explore subjects as deeply as they wish. They can discover new concepts and new ways of solving problems. The online learning environment is literally at their fingertips. Meanwhile, teachers and administrators can ensure a safe experience by configuring devices according to academic policies.
    Curb Expenses

    Curb Expenses

    Cut costs, and administration time, with Hexnode MDM for schools. Hexnode makes it easy and cost effective to integrate a network of shared mobile devices into the learning environment. Hexnode’s hands-off approach makes device management a snap. Devices can be wirelessly enrolled, configured, and monitored from one central location, which cuts down on after-class hours spent on administrative tasks. And the digital environment enables a seamless transition to paperless classrooms, and eventually, paperless schools.
    Cater to Special Learning Needs

    Cater to Special Learning Needs

    Hexnode MDM for schools cater students with special learning needs. Mobile devices are by nature adaptable to any environment, and with Hexnode MDM, you can take full advantage of the digital world to serve students at all education levels and learning abilities. Tailor apps and deliver content to students who have special learning needs in a secure network. Hexnode MDM makes it possible to ensure that students with special needs have the tools they need to succeed.

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