iPad Management Software for Schools

Improvising the technology in education

iPad Management in Schools

iPad Management in Schools

With mobile devices becoming a fundamental part of the academic curriculum, students are now learning in new and exciting ways. iPads are being integrated into the classroom, amplifying and enhancing lessons through the power of digital content.

Whether being used with educational apps or websites, this new teaching method is helping students to learn and engaging the whole class. Managing those devices is the challenge facing educators and administrators who are searching for ways to keep up with mobile device learning trends while maintaining the safety and privacy of the students.

Hexnode's iPad Management Software for schools allows to meet the future of teaching face on, providing a secure learning environment using mobile devices to help boost the educational experience for students and teachers. Mobile device management built specially for the educational environment mean that administrators and educators don't have to worry, the can just use the iPads to increase student engagements and promote better learning through technology.

Transform Education using iPads

iPads and tablets can transform education from kindergarten right through to 12th grade. Hexnode's MDM is tailored to meet K-12 need. It's simple and easy to manage, with no need for there to be an IT department just for support, and no issues with students struggling with complex configuration. All devices can be managed from a single central admin console. Devices can be checked for status, location, installed apps and content and more. If a device is lost, it can be wiped remotely and locked for security.

Personalized Education

With Hexnode iPad management software for Schools, educators can target specific apps to specific set of users, allowing classes to use apps built especially for grades or subjects. Through enabling Kiosk mode, staff can keep students focused on the task at hand. They can also deploy webclips to easily direct students to specific content.

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Hexnode iPad management software for schools helps in hassle-free enrollment of student devices. There's no stress on IT, devices can be set up even before they reach students' hands. Apple's DEP allows batch enrollment and configuration of school owned devices so that devices can be managed from the front of the classroom quickly and easily.

Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

The VPP means that schools can take advance of bulk purchasing and distribution of apps for your school for distribution to students and staff. This works with a large number of apps in the Appstore. Apps can be assigned directly to a device, even without an Apple ID (iOS 9 and up), so students always have the right material for class. Other features include custom app distribution, the ability to track assigned apps, as well as the power to revoke and reassign apps to devices conveniently.

Transform the devices for education with perfection

Smart Apps, Smarter classrooms

Manage and secure learning apps using our iPad MDN. It allows seamless app management, provides users with an app catalog. Use it to rollout in-house apps. You can also do app blacklisting and put mandatory apps onto users' devices.

Protect Student Privacy

With iPad management in schools, you need to be sure that you can allow for BYOD devices without compromising on privacy. Our MDM has a selective wipe facility to remove school content without touching the students' personal apps, settings, and data.

Supervisory Mode

Supervisory Mode gives you advanced control over school-owned devices. This includes installation of apps without user intervention, activation of single app mode (kiosk), disallowing any modification of account settings and a host of other advanced management functions. It is ideal for loaned or shared devices.

Shared Devices

Reach all of your students with a shared device scheme, allowing students to log in and out of the device without having to change the settings. Apps and content are linked to a student's profile, allowing multiple students to use a single device.

Better Classroom Experience

Hexnode's iPad management for the classroom give the teacher total control. They can disable a number of distractions from student's iPads such as Camera, YouTube, Facetime, Appstore, Gamecentre and more. This keeps students focused on learning.

Cloud-Based Management

Through the cloud, devices can be configured for WiFi and email. Setting for VPNs, access points and more can be changed on student devices.

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