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iPad Management Software for Schools

Top notch learning environment with technology

Schools, iPads and Hexnode UEM Schools, iPads and Hexnode UEM

Schools, iPads and Hexnode UEM

iPads are the widely chosen mobile device for assisting students with learning. This powerful yet flexible machine helps students to learn without leaving much to their imagination. The software and applications are designed to work along with and boost a child’s imagination and creativity. Hexnode UEM assists in realizing these goals by securing the school iPads and managing them in a way appropriate for learning.

IPad management solution for schools

Easy on-boarding with Apple DEP

iPads can be enrolled with zero touch requirement with the help of Apple DEP. The MDM server can be configured in the DEP portal, which will automatically enroll the devices in MDM during initial set up. Enrolling in DEP allows supervising the devices over the air.

Apple School Manager with Hexnode UEM

Hexnode is integrated with Apple School Manager for seamless device management in schools. When Apple School Manager helps the school with managing Apple IDs, distributing books and apps etc, Hexnode helps update OSes and advanced restrictions for better control.

IPad for education

Shared iPads

Individual or shared iPads can be assigned to students with the help of Apple School Manager. A shared iPad will still provide the personalized experience once the student logs in to their profile. The lock screen will have all the student’s pictures displayed and the student can log in by clicking on their picture.

The single app mode

The single app mode will lock the iPad with a single application. The user will not be able to exit the app and use any other device functions. This will help gain the student’s focus when necessary. Using Hexnode UEM the device can be put in single app mode any time remotely.

IPad MDM for schools

Teaching apps

The Classroom app helps teachers to monitor the student devices remotely and share files with them. Schoolwork is another app which helps teachers to manage student assignments. Hexnode UEM helps distribute apps and books to the enrolled iPads quickly, over the air.

Device supervision

Supervising iPads unlocks a lot of advanced restrictions and configurations for the MDM. A supervised iPad allows MDM to put the device in kiosk mode or enable silent app install and much more. Devices can be supervised remotely using Apple DEP.

Apple for schools

Securing iPads

The data, devices and users are protected from all kind of security threats with the help of stubborn device configurations in Hexnode UEM. Hexnode lets you create smart dynamic groups which automatically sorts devices based on their compliance status and enforce associated policies in them.

Trusted assessment method

Schools can conduct assessment tests in iPads since iPads and Macs are approved for conducting summative exams. The devices can be put in a single app mode or autonomous single app mode which turns the device into a kiosk temporarily. Automatic assessment configuration helps restrict keyboard and dictionary function and much more.