Peniel Environmental: iOS device management made simple with Hexnode MDM for field employees

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The Company

Peniel Environmental is a damage restoration company based in New Hampshire, US, that provides the best fire, water, mold and site remediation services. A variety of disaster management services like mold removal, asbestos removal, water damage restoration, smoke and fire damage clean up, tank removal, crime scene cleanup etc are taken care of by the professionals in Peniel Environmental. Their main centers of operation are in New Hampshire and Maine.

The story

Peniel Environmental has its employees working on different parts of the country. The employees have company deployed iPads with them at all times. The Vice President/Founder of the company Mr. Earl Cook started looking for an MDM hoping to find a suitable solution to manage the company iPads and track the device location. Having tried out some free solutions out there, he soon realized that they were too complicated to deal with.

Once landed on the pages of Hexnode, the further procedures went smooth. The trial run made Earl sure that the solution is what he was looking for and also it was very simple and easy to use. The implementation of Hexnode MDM in their company was a very easy process. The tech support was very active and responsible in handling the whole process which also factored in the easy implementation.

The Challenges

  • The company devices needed to be tracked since they were traveling all over the country.
  • Specific apps needed to be pushed to the devices remotely.
  • Restrict devices from downloading apps that are not specified by the company.

The Solutions

  • The location tracking feature in Hexnode MDM will enable the admin to track all the devices and get the detailed location report of the device. The tracking interval can be specified, by which the MDM will fetch the location of the device. The location can be fetched manually by scanning for the location. The users have the location check-in option in the Hexnode mobile app, to push their current location with a note along with it.
  • The app distribution can be done so easily with Hexnode by making the process completely remote. Any app can be pushed to the device and all the user have to do is give the permission. The admin can create a policy with mandatory apps and a dynamic group of devices, which will automatically group the devices and assign the policy to the device. If the device is supervised, the apps can be installed silently, without requiring any user interaction. Also, Hexnode integrates Apple VPP, which makes it easier to distribute purchased apps to the devices.
  • Along with pushing apps, the admin can restrict the user from installing any apps. The app store and iTunes store can be restricted by one click in Hexnode MDM. Also, the device can be restricted to just the system apps too. The app blacklisting feature proves to be very useful when some specific apps need to be blocked from usage. The device will change its compliance status to non-compliant when a blacklisted app is installed in the device. The admin can change the app a managed app and delete it from the Hexnode portal itself. In supervised iOS devices with OS version 9.3 or above, blacklisting an app will hide the app in the device thus disabling any access to the application.

The Result

Peniel Environmental, the pros in disaster management, now manages their mobile device as efficiently with Hexnode MDM. The location tracking feature proves to be the most useful feature because of the line of work they are in. The app management also made things easier making Earl a lesser busy man.

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