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PC Management

Enhancing your PC Management experience


Take PC Management to the next level with Hexnode UEM

Zero-touch enrollment

Zero-touch enrollment

Easy Windows device provisioning with Autopilot integration.

CMT evolved

CMT evolved

Hexnode’s UEM solution does almost everything a CMT can and more.

Asset management

Asset management

Manage and maintain your PC assets.

Modern PC Management: You want it, Hexnode’s got it

Windows PC management

Windows Device Management

Automation via custom scripts

Scripting is a useful tool with which you can perform almost any task on your PC. Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks with the help of custom scripts.

Easy migration with SCCM

Using Hexnode UEM’s integration with SCCM, migrate PCs in your SCCM server to Hexnode and manage them directly from your Hexnode console. Experience the best of both worlds.

Round-the-clock protection

Protect your PCs against any type of malware, virus or spyware with Windows Defender. Integrate Windows Defender Application Guard with Hexnode for better all-round protection.

Kiosk mode

Turn your PC into a single-purpose kiosk exclusive to an app or a set of apps.

Customize your PC

Boost your branding with screensavers and customize the Start Menu by adding or removing folder shortcuts for enhanced accessibility using Hexnode.

Hexnode Access

Easily incorporate cloud authentication to log into Windows, grant access to selected users, set up login window appearance etc with Hexnode Access.

A singular solution for all your PC Management needs

App Management

Enforce mandatory apps

Enforce mandatory apps for those apps you just can't do without in your work devices.

Filter Applications

Stay in control of what applications can be accessed on your device fleet.

Seamless app distribution

Benefit from the extensive app distribution capabilities of Hexnode. Distribute custom enterprise applications to your PC with a few clicks of your mouse.

Custom configurations

Configure apps as per your specifications before you distribute them remotely.

Security management

Password Management

Use MFA and other authenticated user-enrolment methods to fully secure your organization.

Secure corporate data

Separate your work and personal data using work containers with full-disk encryption and a strong password policy.

Encrypt and protect

Protect your PC by applying advanced encryption using BitLocker with minimal user interaction. Hexnode also facilitates the storage of BitLocker recovery passwords, so that they are readily available when required.

Software deferment

Enforce software updates remotely from your console to your device fleet.

Location management

Track location in real-time

Track the exact location of your enrolled PCs with Hexnode.

Scheduled reports

Receive regular scheduled location reports at periodic intervals.

Create and enforce geofences

Apply and enforce policies in any geographical region you want with the help of geofences.

Remote Troubleshooting


Get a comprehensive overview of the wellness, status and compliance of your device fleet with the Dashboard.

Remote View

With Remote View, our support team can monitor and guide you from the Hexnode console.

Remote messaging

Broadcast messages to your device fleet from your Hexnode console.

AD asset binding

Effortlessly remove or add a Windows device to a work domain using remote actions from the Hexnode UEM console.

patch management

Streamlined PC updates

Customize PC update preferences seamlessly using Hexnode's intuitive configurations for streamlined updates.

WSUS Integration

Seamlessly adopt WSUS workflows for third-party software and patch distribution to enhance PC patch management.

Optimized user experience 

Tailor the end-user experience during patch deployment with precision for an enhanced user experience.

Flexible deadline settings

Specify deadlines for quality and feature updates on PCs, with options to opt out of automatic restarts for a more flexible patch management experience.

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900,000+ devices

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