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Get started in no time

Get started in no time

Enrollment, applying restrictions and policies - everything set up so fast and effortless, it will blow your mind.
Managing supervised devices are no more a pain

Managing supervised devices are no more a pain

Hexnode integrates almost all the supervision features, so that once supervised, you don’t need a MAC for further processes.
Providing the out of the box experience

Providing the out of the box experience

Hexnode MDM along with Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) enables the enterprise to provide completely configured iPads to its employees.
Volume Purchase Program

Volume Purchase Program

With the Volume Purchase Program from Apple, an enterprise can buy apps in volume. These apps can then be wirelessly installed on all iPads connected to the network. Users will have access to the apps they need, when they need them.

iPad Enrollment

iPad Enrollment

Hexnode MDM is a feature-rich solution that device enrollment a snap. Administrators can take full advantage of Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to get iPads enrolled into the network. Hexnode enables you do to this either physically, or wirelessly, all depending upon your organization’s needs and policies. You set the configuration details, and the devices are ready to go as soon as they are enrolled into the network.
iPad Centralized Management

iPad Centralized Management

One of the best features of iPad MDM from Hexnode is that the entire network and all its devices can be managed from one centralized location. From the initial enrollment process, all the way to retirement, administrators can monitor and track each device from one computer. There is never a need for more than one workstation to ensure that every device is in compliance and that users are getting the apps they need to do their jobs.
BYOD and Corporate Owned Devices

BYOD and Corporate Owned Devices

Hexnode makes it possible to integrate a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program as part of an iPad MDM solution. A BYOD program gives users the freedom and familiarity of their own devices while keeping costs down and still maintaining the integrity of the network. Administrators can enroll BOYDs, configure and set policies, and even restrict them from the network as needed.
App Distribution

App Distribution

Roll out apps onto any enrolled iPad without a hitch with Hexnode MDM for iPad. Grant users access to public and private apps from a variety of sources, including the Apple store and in-house catalogs. These apps can be public or developed internally. And they can be made available at any stage of development.

App catalogs can be tailored into categories for individual users and user groups, in any combination needed. Apps can be pushed silently over-the-air to install or update without interfering with the user’s experience. Security is also maintained throughout because administrators control what apps users have access to at all times.

Policy Management

Policy Management

With Hexnode MDM, administrators can stay on top of network security through policy management. From managing password strength to forcing compliance, Hexnode MDM has you covered. Administrators are able to create policies that meet enterprise needs, no matter how loose or restrictive. Additionally, Hexnode MDM offers intelligent, real-time compliance checking and policy enforcement. Administrators are immediately alerted of violations so that data remains safe and the network secure.
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Best iPad MDM Solution

When it comes to technology, an enterprise needs to stay ahead of the curve, or be quickly left behind. Users can get frustrated with outdated apps, security issues can threaten a corporate network that isn’t managed properly, and administrators valuable time is often spent managing devices when it could be focused elsewhere. One of the best suite for this is the iPad MDM solution from Hexnode.

With iPad MDM solution from Hexnode, you can take control of a fleet of iPads and streamline your network for productivity, user experience (UX), and security with one complete package.Hexnode’s hands-off approach allows for devices to be enrolled into the system over-the-air, users get all the tools they need, and the network remains secure through a variety of features that will help your enterprise get the most out of its mobile network.

Hexnode iPad MDM is a solution for any type of enterprise or institution that needs to deploy a fleet of iPads, including:

  • Large corporations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • K through 12 education
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • SMBs to Enterprise
  • Hospitality
  • Fianace
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Supervised Devices

    Supervised Devices

    Supervised mode with Hexnode MDM is ideal for iPads that are used in the classroom, healthcare, or other areas that require a higher degree of security. This helps protect iPads and the network from all sorts of security threats, including viruses and malware. Administrators have much more control over the devices, and makes for easier management. Supervised mode is also a viable solution for using iPads as point-of-service (POS) kiosk terminals. Functionality can be limited to particular apps or tasks while keeping the device and the network secure.

    Some of the many features:

  • Activation Lock Bypass
  • App Lock (Single App Mode)
  • Global HTTP Proxy
  • Silent App Push
  • Always-On VPN
  • Block AirDrop, irPlay
  • Allow managed app installation exclusively
  • Prevent Cloud Sync, Handoff
  • Prevent passcode modification
  • Prevent automatic app downloads
  • Prevent changes to enterprise app trust
  • Prevent pairing with a watch