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The company

33 Carpenters Construction is a roofing and construction company with over 100 years of experience in the field. They specialize in exterior remodeling, roofing, siding, windows etc. This family-owned business offers world-class craftsmanship by using top quality raw materials and offering excellent customer service. The company operates in the states of Iowa and Illinois.

The story

The company has field workers who use iOS devices for their work. These devices are indispensable when it comes to signing forms digitally, snapping pictures on the site and checking into work apps. At 33 Carpenter Construction, they were used to having devices set up and managed with Apple Configurator, and Josh Nimmo, their Business Development Officer has been the go-to guy for all things IT. Juggling marketing, sales and employee training together with IT wasn't always fun. The Apple Configurator wasn't so much of a fix-and-forget solution either. Employees had to bring in their device to the office every time something broke or needed attention. Josh, being the web-savvy problem solver he was, took to the forums and blogs he regularly scours. He rounded up the popular MDM tools and further narrowed it down based on key features, simplicity and value from an SMB price point before zeroing in on one.

Josh has always wanted to make sure that the employees had the best tools to get things done, which made him choose Hexnode MDM over the many MDMs he tried out. The ease of use and simplicity of the product along with the seamless workflow made his job easier. Also, all the management process could be done remotely and there was no need to bring the devices in anymore. The tech support was always available whenever he needed assistance. This was another plus point that Josh found with Hexnode.

They needed...

  • iOS device management
  • Silent app installation
  • Push OS updates
  • Configuring DEP and VPP
  • Configure Exchange ActiveSync
  • Create user groups and policies
  • Location tracking

Hexnode in action

Being a comprehensive device management suite, Hexnode MDM was able to manage his iOS devices perfectly. Features like email management, network management, security settings, application management, location tracking etc. helped bring the devices under a single console and implement remote device management efficiently.

The iOS devices were enrolled in the Apple Deployment Programs (DEP, VPP) and supervised. The DEP devices were supervised remotely by applying the DEP policy from Hexnode MDM. The VPP apps purchased were pushed to the devices and have them installed silently on the devices.

Exchange ActiveSync settings enabled them to configure all the work devices with the ActiveSync account remotely. Devices were grouped based on the users. Separate policies based on different user groups were created and associated seamlessly. Since the company had many field employees, they needed to keep track of their location. Hexnode's location tracking system aided them in tracking and locating the devices and also provided extensive location history reports.

In a nutshell

The iOS device management in the company was streamlined impeccably with the help of Hexnode MDM. Hexnode offered a variety of features, vibrant customer service and complete device management and security. The Application Management and Location Tracking along with the integration of Apple Deployment Program (DEP and VPP) in Hexnode MDM, took away a substantial amount of mundane workload from the IT team.

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