BrightStar Care: On providing better care while monitoring the devices with Hexnode MDM's website kiosk mode

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The Company

BrightStar Care is a home care service provider based in Chicago, with over 300 independent branches all over the United States. They provide a high standard home care service which makes them so popular among their customers. The nurses, therapists, care givers and all the medical staff are highly trained professionals who are sure to give the best quality services with utmost dedication. The home care service is made available 24x7 to people of all ages. They also provide staffing to healthcare facilities.

The story

BrightStar Care has its employees who are home care nurses and medical professionals attending to the patients in their home. All the patient details and work details are updated in the corporate deployed devices used by the employees. The nurses and other staff work in different time shifts and all the details needs to be updated accordingly. All the patient details and employee attendance is updated on dedicated websites. The company needed to lock their devices down to just these websites and nothing else.

The project manager of BrightStar Care, San Francisco & Marin County, Nathan Antill and his IT team needed an MDM solution to manage the tablets that their field employees were using to clock in an d out of their patient’s homes. They were already using another MDM solution when they started looking for a new and better solution. The current solution was proving to be costlier and not very reliable. When they found Hexnode MDM, they were surprised by the simplicity of the product even when meeting all their requirements. With the help of the tech support team from Hexnode, Nathan and his team were able to implement the MDM solution in their company successfully.

BrightStar Care needed to ...

  • Lock down devices to websites
  • Basic device management

Hexnode in action

The Android kiosk mode allowed the institution to whitelist the required websites and lock down the devices to these websites. The Hexnode Secure Kiosk Browser enabled them to access these websites and any other domains were blocked. Thus the devices were made sure to be used only for intended work purposes.

Since the devices were outside the reach of the IT team, the remote management functionalities came in handy occasionally when needed. The remote action includes wipe, lock, remote view, location scan etc.

In a nutshell

BrightStar Care successfully migrated to Hexnode MDM and deployed their kiosk devices seamlessly to the employees. The iron-clad kiosk mode enabled them to restrict the device from accessing anything other than work. This in turn reduced the data usage and data charges. Hundred’s of dollars were saved by the implementation of Hexnode Kiosk in the devices.

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