Consec Security: Securing patrol devices with Hexnode's Single App Kiosk mode

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The company

Founded in 1994, Consec Security is an Australian owned and operated security company who provides access control, asset surveillance and concierge security to a range of customers in northern Victoria and southern New South Wales. Their security services are designed to give their customers peace of mind, thus enabling customers to concentrate on their own core business.

The story

Consec Security has deployed Android devices to its employees who perform mobile patrols in the field. The only purpose of these devices is to monitor patrols and employee safety. To keep these devices strictly in work-mode at times, the Company’s Compliance Manager, Daniel Winnel decided to opt for an MDM solution. Daniel advises that the first MDM solution that he procured was difficult to handle and the provider didn’t offer him the support when he needed it most. This encouraged Daniel look for an alternative MDM provider who could rectify his problems.

When Daniel found Hexnode MDM, he realized that it not only had a simple interface, but also a high level of support, which was available whenever he needed. Daniel enrolled his devices and found he was able to quickly and easily put them in kiosk mode. He described the implementation of the solution as a ‘piece of cake’ and found he only needed minimal support. He also found that any requests or issues were dealt with and solved extremely quickly.

Consec Security needed to ...

  • Put the devices in single app kiosk mode
  • Automatically update apps
  • Track the device location

Hexnode in action

A kiosk policy for single application allows one application to be whitelisted. The app can be made to always run in the foreground by adjusting the auto-launch delay time to zero.

The app can be updated even in the kiosk mode by enabling the Auto-update apps option in Play Store.

The location of the devices can be seen on a map and their location history downloaded. The location fetching time can be predefined or can be instantly fetched according to the requirement.

In a nutshell

Hexnode's single app kiosk mode has allowed Consec Security to lock down its devices to a single app and thus ensure that their devices are used strictly for work purposes only. It also ensures that their employees cannot get out of the kiosk mode and that the devices can be tracked at any time.

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