The story of Choyce

Reducing the burden of IT with Hexnode’s enterprise app distribution and management

With Petro O. Bochan | Senior Web Developer/ IT Admin at Choyce

Why Hexnode

The Choyce group needed to distribute their in-house apps to the devices and update them periodically.


Human Resources


Hong Kong


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The story

Choyce is a secretarial recruitment company based in Hong Kong. Providing quality services across Asia, Choyce is one of the best options for hiring personal or executive assistants. Choyce excels in the fast recruitment process by using technologies like VR promise, Smart Data, and digitizing the interviews. Founded in 2008, Choyce has been known to provide an excellent experience for both the candidate and client.

Choyce had many iOS devices deployed to its employees for work purposes. They had developed an in-house app for their work and wanted to distribute the app to all their devices. Also, they needed to update the app periodically. In their search for an appropriate solution, they found Hexnode UEM. Hexnode seemed very easy to operate and had a competitive pricing strategy. This made it easier for them to decide to stick with the solution. The technical support team of Hexnode was fast and responsive throughout the process of implementation. The product was simple enough for them to carry on their own after the initial stages.

choyce case study

The company needed the MDM platform to distribute the in-house app developed for iOS devices. Hexnode helped the team to create dynamic groups so that they could get the devices sorted into appropriate groups immediately upon enrollment. They grouped the devices based on the Operating System. After uploading the IPA file of the enterprise app to the server, a policy with the specific app was created. On associating the policy with the required device group, the app got distributed to all the devices in the group automatically. They could update the app on the devices just by replacing the IPA file in the sever with the new one. Hence, they were able to get the apps updated on the devices instantly.

choyce case study with hexnode
hexnode case study on choyce

In a nutshell

The implementation of Hexnode UEM enabled the Choyce Group to distribute and update the enterprise app seamlessly on their iOS devices. The solution was easy to figure out and manage. Once deployed, all they had to do was update the app in the portal, and everything else was done on the devices automatically. The wide variety of features enabled them to later expand their device fleet to Android and manage them.