Motivate improves staff productivity by implementing Hexnode Kiosk, making devices work-specific

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The Company

Motivate International Inc. operates one of the biggest bike sharing systems in the world. Based in New York, US, the company has its roots in Canada and Australia. Motivate operates about 9 bike share systems across the US.The system is so simple that any inexperienced rider can get the hang of it in the first few minutes of the ride.

The story

The IT managers at Motivate International came up with a requirement for a solution that can manage the devices deployed to the employees in the marketing and operations department. The cell phones and tablets needed to be prepared for work and work alone. The system admin Michael Passade actively started looking for a suitable Mobile Device Management solution. Stopping at the names of the biggest vendors in the MDM market, he didn’t find the one that fitted his specific needs. That’s when Google landed Michael on the home page of Hexnode MDM.

The team needed to manage the Android devices of the employees and restrict them from using social networking apps or other apps for entertainment. They wanted the devices to have only work related apps and disable the employees from installing other apps - a complete lock down of the device with work related apps alone. The devices consisted of Samsung and Nexus phones and tablets. Not all MDMs supported these varieties of Android devices equally. Fortunately, Hexnode did. The Hexnode Kiosk offered everything Michael was looking for.

Motivate needed to ...

  • The devices were required to have only work-specific apps and websites.
  • Preventing the users from downloading, installing or accessing non work related apps and websites from the devices.
  • Pushing the company application to the devices.
  • Device wallpaper settings.
The company had their own enterprise app that needed to be available in every device. They needed to have an option to push enterprise app to the devices remotely and easily. Also the company wanted their devices to have their own specific wallpaper.

Hexnode in the scene

  • The Android Kiosk Mode in Hexnode MDM enabled Michael to lock down the devices to work specific apps.
  • The Hexnode Kiosk Browser helped him to restrict the users from browsing unwanted sites from their devices.
  • The company app - City Bikes, was easily installed over the air to all the devices.
  • The device wallpaper settings could be done remotely through Hexnode MDM. All the admin needed to do was upload the wallpaper image to Hexnode and then apply the policy to the device group.
The Android Kiosk mode comes with a variety of feature set in Hexnode MDM. This mode enables the company to lock down their Android mobile devices perfectly with work specific apps, websites and settings. Motivate’s own enterprise app called City Bikes only needed to be whitelisted in the Kiosk policy and the app would show up in the device. The user would have no option to skip the installation process. The Kiosk mode will let the admin to add websites as web apps in the device. The Kiosk secure browser will only let the user to open these specified web pages. In short, the device was perfectly groomed for work very easily.

In a nutshell

The Kiosk mode proved to be the ideal solution for all of Michael’s requirements. The solution enabled him to restrict the device to company specific applications and websites and all these were done remotely. Thus the device fleet was secured and configured for work, all at once with very less effort.

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