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2 weeks ago

Introducing Policy Reports on Hexnode UEM

We have listened to all of your feedback, and we’ve decided to introduce another type of report. So now, in addition to Device Reports, User Reports, Audit Reports, and others, you can also find Policy Reports upon navigating to the Reports tab. Currently, this section will be holding just one type of report called All…

3 weeks ago

What’s new to iOS restrictions

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We are always working hard to bring the best in device management to you, even when we are not making these announcements. And this time we’re back with two new restrictions to make iOS management easier for you. Live Voicemail With this restriction, you can choose to allow or…

4 weeks ago

Enhancing Login Windows Preferences

No major changes, just added a new option to the Login Window Preferences feature for Macs.  Login items are apps and services that open automatically when you start up or log in to your macOS devices. Users being able to bypass these login items may not be ideal for managed macOS devices where certain apps…

1 month ago

New additions to Windows’ device details

Hexnode UEM provides IT admins with a comprehensive overview of their managed devices. But there’s always room to include more information, and here we are. Here's the new set of details fetched from Windows devices, being displayed under the Manage tab: License activation date Ethernet MAC address AntiSpyware Signature Status Antivirus Signature Status Antivirus Status…

1 month ago

Windows Patch Management – now enhanced! 

Windows Patch Management is undoubtedly a highly sought-after feature, and we ensure that all our features are constantly refined and enhanced. We’re thrilled to announce a few new additions to Windows Patch Management. First, we have the new reports section: Patch and Update Reports, which will include two new reports, Available Updates and Devices Missing…

2 months ago

Hexnode App Logging is now extended to iOS

App logs can be of tremendous help in monitoring the activities and events occurring within an application and providing insights into the performance, behavior, and errors encountered by the application. This can help with troubleshooting, diagnosis, and early detection of potential threats. With the latest update to the Hexnode UEM app for iOS, Hexnode App…

2 months ago

New Report - Lost Mode Enabled Devices

Following the recent addition of the report listing Windows devices with the Hexnode agent installed, we are excited to introduce another new report. This time, the focus is on devices with Lost Mode enabled. When Lost Mode is activated, it locks down the device, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding corporate data in case the device…

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