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1 day ago

Rapid Security Response and Removal Process

Hey everyone, I recently updated my iPhone and noticed the alphabetical letter at the end of the version number. I'm curious about Apple's new Rapid Security Response feature associated with this update. Could anyone explain what this feature involves and how it enhances security on Apple devices?  

2 weeks ago

Introducing Policy Reports on Hexnode UEM

We have listened to all of your feedback, and we’ve decided to introduce another type of report. So now, in addition to Device Reports, User Reports, Audit Reports, and others, you can also find Policy Reports upon navigating to the Reports tab. Currently, this section will be holding just one type of report called All…

2 weeks ago

Can't connect to Remote View on Windows

Hello I have been trying to initiate a remote session on a user’s Windows device, but it is getting stuck in the “Connecting to device...” state. I have followed the exact steps in this help document: https://www.hexnode.com/mobile-device-management/help/how-to-enable-remote-view-for-windows-10-devices/ I can assure that the user has agreed to the required permissions in the Remote assist app. Am…

3 months ago

Script Frequency

Hello, I would like more options in the Execute Custom Scripts policy. It would be nice to have various options like daily, weekly etc. If possibly customizable on the time and days the scripts get executed.

6 months ago

Use keyboard for Android Remote Control

It would be beneficial if users could use their computer keyboards to type remotely on the device, rather than having to click on the virtual keyboard. This feature would allow me, and likely many other users, to stop using TeamViewer and consider upgrading to Ultimate.

7 months ago

Subscribe to Help Center Docs Feature Request

Hexnode has great Help Center features. But unlike Hexnode Connect, I don't see a place to "Subscribe" or "Save" specific help documents. (Example) It would be great to allow us to create a library that we could sort or add tags to, making reference to the Help Center documents easier. If that is too much,…

8 months ago

Feature request: Enable custom scripts auto-trigger for the new group members.

We're currently trying to create a proper Windows PC onboarding mechanics. During this phase we need to have several applications installed depending on a group membership. Because of the Hexnode limitations we aren't able to properly configure auto-deployment for some applications. Those ones can be installed via ps1 script for sure, but we need to…