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2 weeks ago

Can't connect to Remote View on Windows

Hello I have been trying to initiate a remote session on a user’s Windows device, but it is getting stuck in the “Connecting to device...” state. I have followed the exact steps in this help document: https://www.hexnode.com/mobile-device-management/help/how-to-enable-remote-view-for-windows-10-devices/ I can assure that the user has agreed to the required permissions in the Remote assist app. Am…

1 month ago

Renaming domain-joined laptops in Active Directory

Hey!  I need to rename some domain-joined Windows laptops. These laptops have corresponding computer accounts in Active Directory and are organized into specific Organizational Units (OUs) based on office locations. Additionally, some laptops are connected to the domain through VPN linked with the existing names. Is there a way to rename my devices without causing…

2 months ago

How to set HKCU registry key in hex node?

We want to install an app through hex node that requires to set a key in HKCU (KH_CURRENT_USER) registry in Windows. The msi package installs the app fine when it was ran by the logged in user. However, once it is installed through hex node, it does not set it correctly. There is no error.…

8 months ago

Feature request: Enable custom scripts auto-trigger for the new group members.

We're currently trying to create a proper Windows PC onboarding mechanics. During this phase we need to have several applications installed depending on a group membership. Because of the Hexnode limitations we aren't able to properly configure auto-deployment for some applications. Those ones can be installed via ps1 script for sure, but we need to…

1 year ago

Windows local account management

Is "Windows local account management" being worked on as a feature? It would be really nice to have this, since we are starting to have more Windows laptops added to our environment every month. I know that it can be done with the remote script feature, but having the ability to manage account or reset…

1 year ago

Windows Group Policy Objects functionality

I think it would be a killer feature for managing Windows systems if you could add Group Policy Objects functionality to Hexnode MDM. It will require major work in the Windows Agent but I think this could really set you apart from the competition. Suggestion on how to implement it: Give the Hexnode admin the…

2 years ago

Custom scripts as Apps

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there could be a feature to have custom scripts that we develop treated as Applications so they can be deployed within a Policy and not have to do it manually through the Execute Custom script option. Best Lior.