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1 month ago

How to clear cache on Safari?

I'm having trouble remotely clearing the Safari cache on non-shared iPads. However, I've discovered a potential alternative solution that iOS Safari can execute preference settings when presented with a URL in a specific format. The option to 'Clear History and Website Data' under Settings > Safari has its own URL. By loading this URL through…

2 months ago

Compliance by iOS Version

Mark Device non compliant based on iOS Version Im not sure what would be the quivalent in the US but in the UK we have Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus which my company are very serious about complying with, it would be good if we could have something that would mark the device as…

10 months ago

End User App Updates

At my company we have IOS devices. These IOS devices are amanged by us and each user is assigned a managed apple ID that cannot make purchases on the app store. Therefore, we rely on apple buisness manager and Hexnode to work together to divy out licenses for applications to each user. This function works…