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3 months ago

Location Services

For whatever reason Hexnode is not reporting back each half hour with our devices locations. We have it set up so that it should be updating us on the location every half hour, just in case a device happens to get lost. We have Hexnode running in the background for each phone, each phone is…

6 months ago

Handing over the reins to your Location Data

At Hexnode, we have always advocated flexibility, privacy, and robust device management. And keeping up with this tradition, we’ll be increasing the flexibility of location data management. You can set a preferred location data retention period for your devices from the Admin tab. You will also be able to delete the location history of specific…

2 years ago

Location based notifications Solved

We run an early-stage prescription delivery startup in the prototyping phase. Our delivery associates are equipped with devices to track order pickup and delivery. These devices are picked up by our associates at the start of the day from our pick-up station. We want to set up a notification system where when the device leaves…