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Remote Actions

Hexnode empowers remote device management effortlessly! Engage in challenging discussions with experts and brainstorm new ideas to make it even better.

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2 years ago

Access to Tablets without Grant the access

Hi, We are using Hexnode- Tablets for old people who cant read english and who are overwhelmed when unknown popups appear. We need to have access without permitting the access to the tablets. It would be a wonderful features for our usecases. Thanks ahead! Thomas from Telemarie

2 years ago

send emergency alerts

Hi all, I would want to send daily alerts on the number of active COVID cases within the organizational premises. Is there any way to do this?

2 years ago

Revert lock device action Solved

Hey there... can we revert lock device action once applied to a device?... We loaned a few devices to our students for online classes because of the stay-at-home mandate. Our school is in a low-income area. We didn’t want them to miss out on classes. We want to lock and unlock devices assigned to our…

5 years ago

Delete Pending actions.

Hi!   So i had the following problem. I created around 20 different policies. I used 80 tablets quite a lot, so these tablets would get the new policy updates as they should. however, now i have another 50 tablets. that i had turned off for quite some time. Now when i turn one of…