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3 weeks ago

What’s new to iOS restrictions

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We are always working hard to bring the best in device management to you, even when we are not making these announcements. And this time we’re back with two new restrictions to make iOS management easier for you. Live Voicemail With this restriction, you can choose to allow or…

4 weeks ago

Stolen Device Protection

Hey, I tried to install the Hexnode profile on my iPhone but got an error saying "Profile Installation Failed. Stolen Device Protection is active. To install this kind of profile, temporarily disable Stolen Device Protection in Settings and try again." Can anyone tell me how to disable this Stolen Device Protection?

1 month ago

How to clear cache on Safari?

I'm having trouble remotely clearing the Safari cache on non-shared iPads. However, I've discovered a potential alternative solution that iOS Safari can execute preference settings when presented with a URL in a specific format. The option to 'Clear History and Website Data' under Settings > Safari has its own URL. By loading this URL through…

1 month ago

How to get Beta OS updates on iOS devices?

Hey y'all!  Apple just rolled out their latest OS version for iPhones. I've noticed a few phones in the market are getting the Beta update for the new iOS. Why aren’t our devices getting these beta updates? Does Hexnode put any restrictions on enrolled devices? I checked and no related policies were set up and…

1 month ago

AirDrop issue on macOS Sonoma Solved

Since updating to macOS 14 Sonoma, I've been encountering issues with AirDrop. Specifically, when trying to share files from my iPhone to my Mac, my iPhone displays a “waiting” message. While I can transfer files from my Mac to my iPhone without any problem, the reverse doesn't seem to work. This same problem also occurs…

8 months ago

IOS Auto App Updates

We need an auto update feature for non mandatory applications or a way for users to update applications from the app catalog? This is a major pain point from our previous mdm. We can not feasibly make all the different apps mandatory for all the different users needs. We would end up with hundreds of…

10 months ago

End User App Updates

At my company we have IOS devices. These IOS devices are amanged by us and each user is assigned a managed apple ID that cannot make purchases on the app store. Therefore, we rely on apple buisness manager and Hexnode to work together to divy out licenses for applications to each user. This function works…

2 years ago

WiFi policies update

Currently, we have a centralized WiFi policy where all the WiFi data of our clients are (there are roughly 50 SSIDs in the policy). With the current view, you can only see a maximum of five SSIDs and do not have a search function. Is it possible to make a feature request for the following…