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how can i disenroll my device from MDMSolved

4 years ago

how can i disenroll my device from MDM

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Hexnode Expert
7 years ago
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Khalid, here is how you can disenroll your device.

  1. Go to Management Devices 
  2. Click on the device you would like to disenroll.
  3. From the Actions list up top, select Disenroll Device
  4. Click Yes on the confirmation message.
  5. Type in your password and hit GO.

You will see an alert Disenrollment Initiated, followed by a status message Action execution initiated.

The device will be disenrolled, removing all configurations, restrictions, and apps you have set up with Hexnode MDM (on iOS devices). On Android devices, the Hexnode MDM app would be deregistered from the portal and exited from Kiosk mode if the kiosk mode policy was active previously, but it won’t be uninstalled from the device. The apps that are deployed through the MDM may get uninstalled depending on the way the devices were enrolled and the type of Android device. Please note that the device needs to be connected to the internet for the Disenrollment command to be relayed to the device.

You can also mark the device as disenrolled straightaway. Let’s say, the device has already been factory reset or say, the device is offline and you want to immediately reuse that license to enroll another device, then it makes sense to not wait around for disenrollment to finish at the device end.

To mark the device as disenrolled, on Hexnode MDM portal, go to the device you have just disenrolled, and from the Actions list, select Mark as disenrolled

Once the device has been disenrolled from the portal, it will no longer show up under Management > Devices, however, the device info can still be accessed from Reports Disenrolled devices. All the device details are those at the time of disenrollment. They would no longer be updated once the device has been disenrolled.

Please note that once you have selected Mark as disenrolled, Hexnode MDM will no longer communicate with the device to execute the disenrollment action. You will have to manually uninstall the app and reset the configurations deployed on the device.


For more information on disenrolling devices from the Hexnode account, check out this link.

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