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Hey there… can we revert lock device action once applied to a device?… We loaned a few devices to our students for online classes because of the stay-at-home mandate. Our school is in a low-income area. We didn’t want them to miss out on classes. We want to lock and unlock devices assigned to our students during classes and we don’t want to have them enter the password to unlock the device.
P.s we use ipads and android tablets for our classes

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  • Hi @Jarvis,

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Unfortunately, you cannot revert the Lock Device action with Hexnode UEM. We do not have a direct solution at the moment that suits your case. An alternative would be to use the Clear Password action on your target devices to allow students to use the tablets without entering a password. However, this is not ideal as it makes the devices less secure.
    Navigate to Manage > Devices > Actions > Clear Password to remove passwords of selected devices. This feature is supported on both iOS and Android devices.


    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hey, that was helpful. We were able to remove passwords off of devices. We understand it is not the best practice to let students use devices without passwords. We want to set passwords on our devices with minimum requirements, so that students can easily remember them. Could you guide us on how to achieve this with Hexnode?

  • Hi @Jarvis,

    Glad we could help!

    It is always recommended to use passwords to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of your devices. On Android devices, you can remotely configure passwords. Navigate to Manage > Devices > Actions > Set Password to put a password in place over the air. And remember, set different passwords for each device to ensure they are secure against potential hacks.

    However, you cannot remotely set passwords on your iPads at the moment. Instead, you could associate a password policy with your target devices. If a password is not set or the password fails to meet the requirements of the password policy associated with the device, a pop-up instructs the user to set a new password. The device will be shown as non-compliant in the portal until the password meets the specified requirements.

    Use these steps to secure access to your students’ devices from the Hexnode portal.


    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM