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MDM Location Tracking

Breadcrumbs that help locate lost devices

Locate devices Locate devices

Locate devices

Corporate-liable devices getting lost or misplaced is one of IT’s worst nightmares. Sensitive business documents ending up in the wrong hands may offer a potential goldmine of information to perpetrators. Locate lost devices–pinpointing them to the last known geo-location on the built-in map. Remotely wipe corporate data or enable a preventive lockdown to stop devices from turning into a compliance risk.

Location history and reports

Location history is a great way to audit Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) or keep tabs on business transportation. The exact location of various devices on the move can be tracked. This location can be pinpointed on the map overlay or coordinates when exported as reports. Locations explicitly require user consent and can be securely deleted upon request or when no longer in use.

Google Maps API Google Maps API

Google Maps API

Hexnode UEM provides geographic coordinates as standalone and uses Google Maps for address resolution. With the new Google Maps API integration, you no longer need to limit your queries to the bundled API limit–you have the flexibility to add your own API keys for extended address lookups. No more locations with missing address labels.

End-user experience

Location services are designed for use across corporate-liable devices, which is why it’s turned off by default in every policy you create. While installing Hexnode UEM app, permissions for accessing location is explicitly requested from the users–the specifics of which are detailed in the EULA. This way, you can obtain consent from users in a clear and distinct manner.

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