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Restart Windows machine if it was not restarted in X daysSolved

4 weeks ago

What I’d like is if the user has not restarted their Windows computer in last 2 weeks, they should start getting notifications a day before that their computer will restart on X date at Y time.

And if they still don’t restart, they should receive a notification 10 minutes before that it will be restarted in next 10 minutes and the machine should automatically restart at that time.

Also, If a user restarts the machine after getting the notification, Hexnode detects it during the next check-in and stops sending notifications and starts the 2 weeks clock again.

We have this feature implemented to all Macs in our Org via Kandji and it is super helpful to remind users to restart their machines.

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Hexnode Expert
3 weeks ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hello @Aakash-Shah ,

It’s good to hear from you again! 

We understand your requirement and will discuss it with the corresponding team. We will get back to you once the feature’s feasibility has been assessed. 

Best regards,  
Chloe Edison 
Hexnode UEM