Policy to limit device assigned per user

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It would be nice to have a policy to limit the number of registered devices for users.

For example, I would only like to limit 1 macbook per user.

This way the user is not able to register another device until we remove them as owner of their current device.

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  • Hello @andres-corella, it’s good to hear from you again!

    We will certainly take up your feature request with our team and get back to you once they have assessed its feasibility.

    Please feel free to share any other feature requests you may have; we truly appreciate your input.

    Best regards,
    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM

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    Thank you, it would also be nice to have exception cases.

    For example, we do a laptop refresh and the user needs to transfer his information to the new laptop that user will need no be excluded for a certain amount of time.