Samsung SAFE MDM

Securing businesses with Samsung for Enterprise program


Samsung SAFE adds a higher level of security to MDMs

True business security

Samsung SAFE features offer 360-degree protection for the mobile work devices and corporate data, especially in BYOD culture.

Tricks up the sleeve

The advanced features which set apart Samsung SAFE from other management suites ensure ironclad security.

Unparalleled device management

The powerful SAFE feature set enhances the Mobile Device Management solution with ultimate control over work devices.

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Samsung SAFE

Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) is the Enterprise Device Management program created by Samsung specifically for businesses. This special management solution includes a variety of features which are perfectly suited for devices used for work. The Samsung devices which support SAFE is perfect for bulk deployment in enterprises. Unlike ordinary Android devices, the SAFE devices allow enterprises to exert additional control over them. Designed specifically for work, SAFE solution protects the corporate data in the devices in every way possible. The advanced management functions extend to network management, application management, device management, security management etc. The SAFE solution’s framework highlights the below features

  • Enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Advanced VPN support with IP based encryption
  • Enhanced data protection with AES256 bit encryption technique
  • Support for Mobile Device Management integration

Hexnode MDM and Samsung SAFE

The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) allows MDMs to use the Samsung SAFE (KNOX Standard) and KNOX (KNOX Premium) SDKs to integrate their features with the MDM. The SAFE solution which is now available in Hexnode MDM incorporates a wide variety of features and restrictions for Samsung SAFE devices. These features are not available for normal Android device management. The management part is quite simple because it doesn’t need any additional efforts to deal with SAFE devices. Following are some of the advanced features available in Hexnode MDM’s SAFE solution

  • Device functionality controls - Camera, USB debugging etc
  • Advanced location features
  • Device connectivity controls - NFC, Android beam, Bluetooth transfer
  • Account management
  • Device settings management
  • Advanced application management - Silent app install, app blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Email and ActiveSync configuration
  • APN settings
  • Web filtering