Feature request: Enable custom scripts auto-trigger for the new group members.

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We’re currently trying to create a proper Windows PC onboarding mechanics. During this phase we need to have several applications installed depending on a group membership.

Because of the Hexnode limitations we aren’t able to properly configure auto-deployment for some applications.

Those ones can be installed via ps1 script for sure, but we need to trigger those scripts manually for each new PC.

For instance – Google Drive application deployment. There are no MSI packages for this app. And we are not supposed to modify this *.exe installer(repack it to the MSI, for example) due to the License Agreement if I got it right.

Script auto-running feature would be really great to have.

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  • Hello @cheshirrre, welcome to Hexnode Connect!

    Just to clarify, you’re looking for a feature that auto-runs custom scripts during enrollment, yes?

    We highly value your suggestion and will discuss it with the respective teams to assess its feasibility. We’ll provide you with an update as soon as possible.

    Keep the suggestions and feedback coming – we greatly appreciate them!

    Best regards,
    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM

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    Hello Chloe!

    During the enrollment(like auto-pilot stuff) or auto-running custom scripts like some policy, when adding some laptop to a group for example.

    Really miss this feature after using other MDMs with such tools.