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The story of KellPro

Seamless app management raising enterprise productivity with Hexnode

With Kaegan Clark | Software Developer at KellPro


“Hexnode worked out exactly how we wanted, it's been very impressive for us.”


Information Technology and Services


Duncan, Oklahoma


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The story

KellPro, Inc. is a world class database and accounting system that offers a range of custom software solutions and imaging services to its clients, specifically local municipalities and county government. Established in the early 1980s, the company provides a list of software solutions categorized under County Infrastructure solutions, Cloud-based software and products, and Technology services and support. A few amongst the many software solutions developed by the company include inventory tracking, purchasing and payroll, recording system, treasurer system, on demand court records, time clock, data rescue, and the list goes on. The primary purpose of building these solutions circle around customer satisfaction and employee well-being.

Time Clock is a solution developed to improve the process of recording employee time in county government offices. This solution includes a device and a cloud-based software that records the employee’s clocking in and out time. The cloud-based software records the time, calculates the work timings and simultaneously generates the time report of each employee. This software replaces the traditional outlook of data recording by adopting the most modern technological advancements.

The devices used with this solution are custom-made Android handsets. These devices are run by an application built for time recording. This application is to be installed on multiple Android devices which became a highly time-consuming task. Moreover, this application is periodically revised with latest functionalities and fixes which needs to be updated on each of the device. Managing all the devices that were distributed amongst the employees and other clients was a challenging task to achieve. This was when the IT team thought to adopt a solution that could easily handle all these concerns at once. Hexnode was the first solution Kaegan happened to try and it eventually turned out to become the best choice.

“Hexnode was the first solution we tested, and it did exactly what we needed it to do.”

Kaegan Clark

Software Developer at KellPro

KellPro case study

The mobile app management solution from Hexnode allowed the team to silently install the custom app onto the devices in no time. The application was readily pushed to the devices with no manual intervention. Apart from app installation, the team could also remotely push app updates periodically which again proved to be helpful for him. He was relieved for the fact that he could now push app updates remotely from a central console.

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution was yet another highlight that greatly impressed the team. It ensured that the devices aren’t misused or handled inappropriately. Locking down the devices in kiosk mode builds up a restricted environment thus confining the devices to limited functionalities. The remote lock and wipe functionality, device reboot and few others are amongst the few other features that the team could utilize. Hexnode could make what was thought to be a troublesome task, a rather simple one to accomplish.

“We would not be able to have the scope of clients that we do without Hexnode.”

Kaegan Clark

Software Developer at KellPro

KellPro case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on KellPro

Apart from the rich feature enhancements, the ardent customer services delivered by the Hexnode team was also greatly appreciated. The prompt and easy fixes rendered in no time by the team proved to be worth approaching. The prompt responses from the support team helped to speed up the implementation process. In short, Kaegan’s decision to choose Hexnode proved to be immensely beneficial for the company as a whole.

“Your support is very prompt; it seems that you care about your customers and you can't just ask anything more.”

Kaegan Clark

Software Developer at KellPro

In a nutshell

Kaegan had an amazing experience with Hexnode. All his requirements were readily addressed by implementing the software. He could easily install the custom app on to devices and push app updates periodically without wasting productive time on manual updation. The kiosk lockdown solution also helped him to make the best use of the devices thus yielding its real purpose. All these, in addition to the constant customer support services, made the implementation much easier for the team. Presently Hexnode is implemented for a single software solution developed by KellPro but the team intends to expand the scope of usability to other solutions as well in the near future.

“If they needed to deploy multiple devices and manage them remotely, I don't see how they can do it any other way.”

Kaegan Clark

Software Developer at KellPro