How to lock down all your devices into business kiosks

This webinar aired on Thursday, September 12th | 11 AM PST

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  • How to lock down all your devices into business kiosks


In this edition of Hexnode webinar, David talks about everything that an enterprise needs to include in their kiosk management policy and how Hexnode can help. Learn about:

  • The need for kiosks, the reasons behind their widespread use in every industry and possible applications in your enterprise.
  • Entire kiosk lifecycle management of Android, iOS, Windows devices and Apple TVs. We cover everything starting from enrollment of all platforms to a common Hexnode portal and different enrollment methods to suite the unique needs of your enterprise.
  • Securing and managing your entire fleet of kiosks from a single platform with Hexnode’s Unified Policy management.
  • Comprehensive application management and how you can purchase, install, update and manage applications remotely and silently.

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