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The story of Washington County Arkansas

Building digital timeclocks by locking devices with Hexnode Kiosk

With Kyle Sylvester | Circuit Clerk at Washington County Arkansas


“We use kiosk so basically they can't go in there and break the device program...we like the kiosk feature.”


Government Administration


Arkansas, US


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The story

Washington County is a beautiful county in the northwest corner of Arkansas. Established in 1828, it has grown from small settlements of farms and mills to a well-organized and prosperous county in the state. Washington County is the second largest populated county in Arkansas and is home to a number of resources that serve the people in the best possible way. Some of the best-known highlights include the Walmart Stores, Tyson Foods, and JB Hunt Transport Services. The county has been named as the third best place to live in the US state by the U.S. News and World Report in 2016.

The administration and managing team at Washington County make use of digital timeclocks to register the work hours of the employees. A set of corporate devices are used as digital logbooks to store the work time data. The devices were often mishandled and the data manipulated by the users which alarmed the team’s concern. They needed a solution that could ensure utmost security and prevent the devices from being wrongly utilized. Kyle Sylvester, the Circuit Clerk at Washington County Arkansas, looked for a possible solution that could help him smartly manage the devices. A dedicated research over the internet brought him to Hexnode.

“If we didn't use the solution, obviously people will be able to alter clock-ins so it's pretty helpful to have it.”

Kyle Sylvester

Circuit Clerk at Washington County Arkansas

Washington County Arkansas Case Study With Hexnode
Hexnode Case Study on Washington County Arkansas

Kyle carried out an initial research and comparison between the available MDM solutions in the market and was highly convinced with what Hexnode advertised. He could find all his requirements in Hexnode which boosted the purchase decision. Kyle tried out the free trial offered by Hexnode and soon after the trial, he decided to contact the team and move forward with purchasing the required licenses. Hexnode’s budget-friendly pricing tiers became an add-on to the strengthen the decision.

Kyle was highly impressed with the kiosk lockdown functionality offered by Hexnode. With the devices locked in kiosk mode, he was sure of the devices being utilized for the intended purpose. The kiosk mode helped him lock the devices to the custom timeclock app so the employees could not access any other settings or applications on the device. Once locked in kiosk mode, only the admin could unlock the devices with the help of a kiosk exit password.

“We do have some more devices that we put on there...we used it for different purposes so it's good to create different kiosk machines”

Kyle Sylvester

Circuit Clerk at Washington County Arkansas

Hexnode Case Study With Washington County Arkansas
Washington County Arkansas Case Study on Hexnode

Hexnode helped the team at Washington County to remotely manage the devices and keep track of them. They could easily onboard the devices and assign the essential policies based on the requirement. The Hexnode technical support team with their timely responses and follow-up helped them in the course of implementation.Incorporating Hexnode into their business rightly served them to achieve higher productivity.

In a nutshell

Kyle had a wonderful experience associating with Hexnode. He could easily keep control of the devices and manage them remotely. The corporate devices could be locked in kiosk mode which helped him ensure that the devices aren’t mishandled. He was sure of the devices being used for the intended purpose which helped him improve business productivity. From his happy experience with Hexnode, Kyle advices tech experts in need of a reliable MDM solution to surely try Hexnode.