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The story of Litigation Management, Inc.

Mobilizing legal strategies with advanced endpoint management solution from Hexnode

With Ryan M. Davis | System Administrator at Litigation Management, Inc.


“The simple interface and the pricing structure were awesome.”


Legal Services


Cleveland, Ohio


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The story

Litigation Management, Inc. (LMI) offers exclusive services and assistance to support legal strategy at all stages of litigation. The company collects reasonable data and documents from multiple sources, and then charts them up using a proprietary technology or with the help of skilled professionals. This data further assists in building up a strategy to resolve litigation in a cost-effective manner. The company has a team of highly skilled professionals and consultants who offer the best services by providing both innovative and high-quality solutions to the corporate partners and law firms. Litigation census and fact sheet services, medical-legal services, case management and settlement support, and analytics & technology are amongst the highly valuable services offered by LMI.

The company owns a set of iPhones and iPads that are provisioned to the employees. These devices are mostly handled by the salespersons and the consultants who operate out of the office. The devices run an application that helps the team carry out their daily activities smoothly. All the devices are company-owned and are internally managed by Ryan M. Davis, the System Administrator at Litigation Management, Inc.

Ryan looked for a solution that could help him smartly organize and manage the devices with least time consumption. He was in constant search for a solution that could help him remotely administer the devices and help him to easily install the custom-application on to the endpoints. Hexnode rightly fulfilled all of Ryan’s requirements in no time.

“It is very easy to use, very easy to configure and I can also use it to control my tablet devices and provision those.”

Ryan M. Davis

System Administrator at Litigation Management, Inc.

Litigation Management case study

Hexnode’s seamless management suite immensely benefitted Ryan in increasing the overall productivity to a great extent. He could easily push applications to the devices without any manual intervention. The applications would be installed on to the devices by configuring suitable policies via the MDM console. The overall app management functionality from Hexnode saved a plentiful of business time.

“Everything from application provisioning and control to being able to apply and create policies and enforce policies are handled.”

Ryan M. Davis

System Administrator at Litigation Management, Inc.

Litigation Management case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Litigation Management

The remote management and implementation procedures helped Ryan to efficiently control the device functionalities. He could easily choose the desired features to function on the device and restrict others. Hexnode also allows the admin to lock down the devices in kiosk mode that locks the device in a partially restrictive mode. The overall device management experience had a great impact on the workflow.

“Hexnode helped in reducing the workload. It was easy to set up the devices.”

Ryan M. Davis

System Administrator at Litigation Management, Inc.

Apart from the device functionalities offered by Hexnode, the customer support services also made the implementation process quite easy. The prompt response from the team made the process of device organization much simpler. Hence Ryan could sum up the process effortlessly.

In a nutshell

Hexnode’s seamless management solution greatly helped Ryan to organize the business process. He could easily control and manage the devices to his requirements without wasting the productive hours. Custom applications could now be pushed on to the devices without manual intervention. He was able to organize the device settings according to the company’s requirements, all these at a relatively affordable price range. The overall association with Hexnode was quite a lot beneficial for Ryan and his team.