The story of Trilogy Personnel and Land Management

Effective control over corporate devices helps Trilogy PLM reduce data expenses with Hexnode

With Salvador Malta | Continuous Improvement Specialist at Trilogy Personnel and Land Management


“I've been able to get the devices ready and deploy them to the field as fast as possible, especially when the clients are depending on it... it's extremely important.”




California, US


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The story

Trilogy Personnel & Land Management (PLM), headquartered in Bakersfield, CA, offers extensive personnel and agricultural land management services. Exceeding the demands of the evolving agricultural industry since 1995, their success record spans to nearly every field of agricultural management. Their services range from irrigation operations, vineyard crop operations, and nut crop operations to farm management and payroll processing services. They excel in delivering quality labor professionals for field services to address the customer concerns. They remain consistent in providing superior customer service with progressive processes, technologies and management styles.

Trilogy Personnel and Land Management helps farm contractors by supplying skilled laborers for field works across Central California. These laborers are equipped with Android and iOS devices for communication purposes. The devices run a custom application that serve as a logbook to record the laborers work time. Digitizing the work environment helped the team to replace the traditional pen and paper method of record keeping. But it had its adverse effects too. Managing countless number of devices increased the effort to a great extent. It also led to an increase data expenses which caught the team’s attention. An immediate solution was a major concern for the team.

Salvador Malta, the Continuous Improvement Specialist at Trilogy PLM, took charge of finding a way out of this situation. He started looking for a solution over the internet. A mobile device management (MDM) solution with a simple interface and a reasonable pricing was his prime requirement. He tried out a couple of MDM solutions in the market but none satisfied his requirements. With Hexnode’s free trial version, he got a clear picture of the wide range of functionalities supported by the software. Greatly impressed with the feature set, Salvador immediately got in touch with the team and got his devices onboard without any delay.

“Once I got to Hexnode, I was like this is it... we never looked back.”

Salvador Malta

Continuous Improvement Specialist at Trilogy Personnel and Land Management

Trilogy Personnel and Land Management case study
Hexnode case study Trilogy Personnel and Land Management

Hexnode helped Salvador to lock the devices in kiosk mode with their custom application active on the device screen. With this functionality, he could make sure that the devices are used only for work-related purposes and that the laborers are denied access to all non-work applications. The kiosk solution enables the admin to set up a restricted, purpose-oriented work environment thus ensuring that the laborers are productive during work hours. A set of advanced kiosk functionalities helps the admin to selectively manipulate the device settings depending on the company’s requirement

An increase in data expenses was a major concern for the team at Trilogy PLM. After implementing Hexnode, they could reduce the expenses on data usage to a great extent. Hexnode allows to control data expenses by limiting data usage on devices and applications. The admin can set data usage limits thereby ensuring that the corporate data is utilized wisely and for the right purpose. Reduced data expenses brought in a wave of relief for the team in terms of efficiency and financial stability.

“We have definitely reduced the cost when it comes to data usage, especially when it comes to locating lost devices.”

Salvador Malta

Continuous Improvement Specialist at Trilogy Personnel and Land Management

Trilogy Personnel and Land Management case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Trilogy Personnel and Land Management

The ease to push their custom application to multiple devices remotely was yet another highlight for the team. Salvador was also happy with the location tracking feature of Hexnode that helped him track the device’s location and check-in with the device updates. He was also able to trace devices that were accidently misplaced by the laborers. The remote ring functionality from Hexnode was of great help during such situations as it helped him trace the devices easily. If the devices couldn’t be found within a specific time range, he could remotely lock the devices with the lost mode functionality, which was also frequently utilized by the team.

Amongst the many features implemented by Salvador, dynamic grouping was his personal favorite feature. He was much impressed with the fact that he could selectively group the devices and assign specific configurations on them. Dynamic grouping functionality also helps the admin to group the devices based on geo-locations. With this functionality, Salvador was able to quickly group devices and assign specific device policies relevant to the category of laborers onboard.

“Being able to control policies this way is extremely time-saving and it's very beneficial having them.”

Salvador Malta

Continuous Improvement Specialist at Trilogy Personnel and Land Management

The customer support team at Hexnode played an important role in helping him get familiar to the software. Their timely responses and follow-ups greatly impressed the team. A rich set of functionalities with a simple interface at a reasonable price formed the perfect solution for Salvador’s use cases. He couldn’t have asked for a better solution to his requirements. Hexnode was able to fix all his concerns, reducing the effort to almost nil. Now he could easily fix and control the devices from a distant location.

In a nutshell

Salvador had a great experience teaming up with Hexnode. He was able to find solutions to all his requirements at a reasonable budget and with minimal effort. Hexnode was able to render all the functionalities Salvador had in mind. He was able to remotely control the devices and ensure utmost security. He is now convinced that his devices would only be utilized for the intended purposes. A plethora of other essential functionalities eased the effort of device management to a great extent. Salvador happily shares his experience with Hexnode and agrees to continue the association in the coming years ahead.