The story of Canndescent

Enhancing corporate productivity with Hexnode's comprehensive device management solution

With Joshua Peeples, Systems Administrator at Canndescent


“We use all the platforms so hexnode is kind of perfect for us ... I definitely recommend to anyone else ... Hexnode's great!”


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Santa Barbara, California


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The story

Canndescent produces ultra-premium cannabis for adults and widely distributes them across the state. Headquartered in California, the organization produces more than 10,000 pounds of the product and is described as the pioneer of luxury cannabis. Canndescent is also recognized as the number one selling flower brand of California. They utilize all-natural ingredients to create their luxury goods. At the same time, they work under the highest standards of safety requirements.

The company provides over 200 iPhones and iPads to the employees for work-related activities. These devices are equipped with necessary applications to render exceptional services from the crew by enabling them with all the essential information. Joshua Peeples, the Systems Administrator at Canndescent, used to manage every individual device manually and this turned out to be a long-drawn-out process. Furthermore, compromising admin passwords for frequent updates and app installations was not a productive option for them. The team needed an automated solution that would remotely manage all the devices. So, he began his search for an MDM software that would accomplish their needs.

Joshua tried various mobile device management software, but they weren't efficient enough to meet the company's requirement. Hexnode’s user-friendly interface and the comprehensive feature-set turned out to be the solution he was searching for Canndescent. Moreover, the pricing plan fell right into their budget. The setup was easier compared to all other MDMs he tried and hence, he could seamlessly enroll devices onto the platform, all by himself.

“So, you had more features that I came across and that made easier to make the decision.”

Joshua Peeples

Systems Administrator at Canndescent

Canndescent case study
Hexnode case study Canndescent

Joshua found it significantly easier to manage all the devices with Hexnode. Before using Hexnode, the new devices would be brought to the office where he had to create users, sign in to the accounts, install individual applications and set them up beforehand manually. But now, he can simply add them to the MDM portal and implement any essential operation, like pushing applications, lock, scan and track device locations. With Hexnode, Joshua could track the lost devices and secure the data either by locking down or wiping the devices whenever required, directly from the MDM console. It also helps to fetch real-time device location as well as the complete history of locations the device has traversed. One of his favorite features in Hexnode is the ability to bypass the activation lock and safeguard the device from being reset by an unauthorised person.

“Hexnode, I kinda find it more user friendly and everything was there, and it was easier for me to setup compared to others.”

Joshua Peeples

Systems Administrator at Canndescent

Canndescent case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Canndescent

Joshua has complete control over all aspects of app management. Now instead of going to the App Store for each application, he can provide the users with an app catalog from where they can install the applications approved by the admin. The comprehensive app management features like install/uninstall/ app updates, in-app permissions, configurations and approval have helped him manage any application across all the platforms. Similarly, he could lockdown the devices in Hexnode kiosk mode, which ensured that only the required applications were used, while restricting access to all other apps. This was crucial for increasing the productivity of the organization. Apart from the rich feature set, the swift and on-time responses from the Hexnode technical support team was remarkable. Hexnode provided Joshua an easy-to-use interface that helped him to configure and manage devices while ensuring that the organization is safe from security threats.

“They were quick about it, they knew exactly what was going on and it got resolved very quickly, so the calls were pretty good.”

Joshua Peeples

Systems Administrator at Canndescent

In a nutshell

With Hexnode, Canndescent was able to move on from manually managing all company-owned devices to remote management. This has helped reduce the time it takes to setup each device and, in turn, helped them increase their productivity. The intuitive user interface and simplicity of the product made Joshua recommend Hexnode to others who were struggling to manage their devices.